5 Tips For Studying Smarter (not harder)

I just finished my first round of midterms. I had them all in the same week, literally one midterm everyday, and my brain is exhausted. However all my studying paid off because I got my marks back and I did significantly well on all of them. Okay, what’s the point in being humble, I worked hard and I did frikkin amazing on all of them. This isn’t a post on the best way to study, it’s just things I do to alleviate the stress of studying (but if you do want a post on how I study, then let me know and I’ll make it happen) Ok. Let’s go.

1. Take good notes!

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I think good notes are the key to passing any test. I’m not going to tell you how you should take notes, because not everyone takes notes the same way. So write your notes in a way that will really help you. I bring my laptop to every class and write notes in MS Word because I can type faster than I write and I can type without looking at the keys. So if I need to copy something down from a slide, I can easily type it while still paying attention to my professor. I also try to summarize, shorten and write things in my own words/in ways that I can better understand because it helps me remember the points better. I also ALWAYS rewrite my notes when I get home because rewriting is another way of helping me remember what I just learned and I just study better off physical.. things? (Like paper and hand written notes and hardcopy textbooks rather than ebooks). I also have a system when it comes to colours and underlining and all that jazz, but that would take too long to explain LOL. I’m really OCD about my notes…

2. Get a study buddy


My study buddy Sandra and I taking advantage of the library’s prime selfie lighting LOL. Also the day we decided to go to Mexico.

Studying can be a daunting task. Personally for me, the task feels less intimidating when I have someone to study with. I also feel more productive. It’s optimal to study with someone who is in the same class because that way if you don’t remember something, or you don’t quite get a concept, you can ask the other person for help and vice versa. But if you don’t have a friend in the class (which is a situation I find myself in more often than not) you obviously have the option of studying with other people. I usually study with friends or with my siblings. I find being in the presence of other people who are productive keeps me on track and we work off of each other’s energy. You can ask the other person to test you on topics, you have a person to take quick study breaks with and you also have someone who will remind you to stay on track when you doze off. (Funny story, but one time when my friends and I were studying for finals, we were thinking of places we would rather be and someone said Mexico and we were all like “Let’s go to Mexico!” and from that conversation, we have been talking about it non stop and now we’re going to Mexico next summer. But maybe this is getting too ahead of myself, make sure you pass all your classes first LOL)

3. Study somewhere good (?)


Shoutouts to Ahn

I cannot study at home. Well I can, but not effectively. There are so many distractions and noises going on that it’s kind of hard to study. I prefer to study at the library near my house. It has a nice amount of windows (I like studying with as much natural lighting as I can), it’s very quiet (obviously) and there is less to be distracted by. Everyone minds their own business, so I’m not constantly looking up from my notes or my laptop.

4. Remember to take breaks

10 – 15 mins are what I take. I’ll eat a snack, watch a couple YouTube videos, look at my phone. But once that break is over, it’s study time! Close your social media tabs, put your phone on silent and get back to work!!

5. White noise!!!

White noise is something I discovered last year. When I listen to white noise, I feel like I am 50x more focused because it helps block out any outside noise. The one I listen to is a ten hour video on Youtube, which is pretty convenient because I don’t have to worry about having to replay the video after an hour (which is the length of alot of of white noise videos on Youtube) White noise kind of sounds like what it’s like to be on an airplane. Which motivates me because it’s like after this year imma be on a plane to Mexico. Hahahhaha I’m so extra bye.

I hope this helped yall out a bit! I am completely done my first round of midterms, but all my friends are just starting, so on the days where I don’t have any homework and want to hang out with someone, I HAVE NO ONE TO HANG OUT WITH! Oh well. First world problems haha. If you have midterms, then best of luck! Kill it! You got this.

💖, B