Date Night | National Music Centre

Hi everyone! Before I begin, I just wanted to apologize for not posting on Tuesday. I thought that since I am in summer mode, I would have lots of time to dedicate to my blog, but that really hasn’t been the case. I’ve been working more, and when I’m not working, I’ve been spending a lot more quality time with friends and family and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately! I’m sure you all understand though.

Anyways, my boyfriend and I finally got the chance to visit the National Music Centre in Studio Bell (or is it the other way around? Idk. This always confused me…). The last time we were planning on going, we didn’t check ahead, and found out it was closed after paying for parking. Bummer. CJ is a DJ (please don’t make jokes and call him CJ The DJ. LOL. He hears it all the time. It’s not funny anymore.) and absolutely LOVES anything and everything to do with music, so he had the time of his life. Even if you aren’t a music aficionado, like myself, I feel like this is the kind of place where everyone can have fun and learn something. I also just really love museums, so I loved being here. I included some pics under the read more if you’re interested in seeing what we got up to. As always, thank you for reading, and I hope to see yall soon!

💖, B

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