Adventures in Grassi Lakes… again

I went to Grassi Lakes with my siblings and cousins on Sunday and since last time, I only posted photos, I figured I would vlog this time. If you didn’t know, I have a barely used Youtube channel. I tried making videos on the regular but couldn’t stay committed so I just occasionally upload vlogs whenever I do something exciting. Anyways, if you want to read my previous post about Grassi Lakes, you can find it here, and watch my vlog just below haha enjoy and subscribe if you want to!

đź’–, B

Hiking in Grassi Lakes

One of the perks about living where I do, is that I’m an hour away from the Rocky Mountains. I think because I live so close to the Rockies, I often take them for granted. Getting outdoors and exploring the mountains and the unique landscape is something I want to do more often, so today my friends and I decided to hike. Since none of us were expert hikers, we went to Grassi Lakes because I had heard good things about the trail. It was a pretty good hike, it wasn’t too easy but it also wasn’t too difficult either. The scenery was pretty (meaning plenty of photo ops), and there was a lot of water! Plenty of tiny streams and run offs, a pond and a large waterfall. We didn’t know you could go to the bottom of the waterfall, so we just kept following the trail up. Next time, we’re definitely going to be checking it out. The colour of the water was unreal, I wish these pictures did it justice. People were even jumping in but the water is freezing.

ALSO I had my very first encounter with a husky today and it was the highlight of the hike for me!! For those of you who don’t know, huskies are my favourite dogs, but I’ve never actually been up close to one and interacted with one. Today I got to play with two!!!! I couldn’t contain my excitement!!! (I only took a picture with one of them though, his name was Comet and he had the most beautiful eyes, and closely resembled the husky I want when I ever get one.) Anyways, enjoy these pictures I took lol.

đź’–, B