Dupe Alert! – NARS Ita Brush

Okay so I don’t really know if this classifies as a dupe because what I have to show you guys is literally the same brush. Just $67 cheaper. YUP. I GOT YALL. If you’re familiar with the popular NARS Kabuki Ita brush, you are probably familiar with it’s $70 price tag. Yikes. If you’re ballin on a budget like I always am, that is just not in your price range, especially not for a brush. I found a WAY cheaper alternative on eBay for just $2.90CAD and you guys, these brushes are the exact. same. thing. My sister has the actual brush, so I was able to compare and try to come up with differences, but there was nothing drastic that I could find.

This is one of my favourite brushes to use for contour, I think it’s just a really good shape to get into your cheeks and CUT. It’s also pretty good to use for contouring my nose (when I have the time) cause it fits perfectly in that area. I know a lot of people prefer other brushes, but for now this is the one I always reach for. I find that this brush tends to shed BUT I did some research, and the shedding is something that a lot of people complain about for the actual Ita brush, which just further convinces me that these are the same brush, despite the difference in price.


Can you tell the difference between these two brushes?

Ignore the fact that these are loved up and kinda nasty looking, I didn’t bother washing them before I took these pictures LOL. Anyways, the eBay brush is pictured on the top, and the legit Ita brush is on the bottom.

Keep in mind that these ship from China, so it took about a month for me to get mine, but it cost me three dollars, so it really didn’t bother me at all. My theory is that maybe these brushes were rejects from the company, which is why they aren’t sold in Sephora? Idk and I don’t care, I’m just out here tryna save money LOL. Buy it here! This isn’t the original seller that I bought it from, but there are tons of people selling the same brush for around the same price! There’s also a ton of other brush dupes on eBay that you can find if you really search for it. I found an Artis brush dupe which I might order one day.

I hope this helps you guys out! I am all about helping people save money haha. Spread the word and let me know if you have any questions!

💖, B


For all of you out there ballin on a budget, I found a dupe for one of my fave lipsticks that will save you some money!

As you all know, I’ve been raving about the Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lipstick in the colour Cool Girl. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day since I got it and I love it. However, it is a bit pricey. The colour Beeper from Colourpop is a really close dupe and is $20 cheaper! Plus Colourpop’s formula is also really good. It’s a win win really.

PS. for all my fellow Canadians, this may or may not save you money. Ordering on Coloupop means conversion from USD to CAD, then paying for shipping fees. My suggestion is that you do a Colourpop order with a few other friends or your sister or cousin or whoever so that you all can split the cost of shipping!


Top: Cool Girl ($25) / Bottom: Beeper ($6)




Cool Girl

💖, B