Brittney’s BuJo | May 2017

Hey hey! It’s that time of the month again. Hehe. Here’s a sneak peek into my bullet journal for the month of May. Still trying to keep it minimal, so like last month, I used one colour and a black pen. I finally got Pilot pens, so this month looks so crisp and nice. Such basic words used to describe how pleased I am, but you’ll understand once you see it. If you want to see the layouts I created from past months, then click here!

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Brittney’s BuJo | April 2017

Hey everyone! My bullet journal and I are back! A lot of you enjoyed my first Brittney’s BuJo post, so I decided this is definitely going to be a recurring series on my blog! I really like my layout for this month in comparison to last month, so if you want to see what it looks like, keep reading!

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Brittney’s BuJo | March 2017

Hey everyone! If you’ve read my March Favourites post, you would have seen that I started bullet journaling. I wanted to start this new series on my blog to track the progress of my bullet journal, as well as give some tips and inspiration to anyone else who bullet journals.

I’m the kind of person who loves (and needs) to write everything down. Bullet journaling is the perfect way for me to keep track of habits, goals, deadlines, ideas etc in one book, while also having the creative freedom to design every page in whatever way I want. Plus the dots on every page are ideal for a perfectionist like me, so I can ensure that everything is straight and evenly spaced out. Also, bullet journaling and the way you set up and design your bullet journal is 100% up to you!

Okay. Also. I don’t really like my March section in my BuJo, but I just wanted to showcase what I did for the month. I think all the colours and different layouts I experimented with make it look too cluttered (at least for my taste). It was very tempting to want to make my bullet journal look pretty and colourful, like many of the ones I saw on Instagram and Pinterest, but now I know for next month that I want to keep the design and layout very simple and minimalistic.

I hope this gives you inspiration for your bullet journals (even if that inspiration is what you don’t want your bullet journal to look like) and even if you don’t keep you own bullet journal and are just curious about what mine looks like, I hope you are satisfied. Until next month!

💖, B


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March Favourites

I apologize if you’re seeing this post again! I completely forgot I had it scheduled for today at 12, but I also forgot to insert pictures and edit the post. My mistake hehe.

Another month done! I’ve felt so refreshed this month, and I’ve been really investing more time in my blog (I hope you can tell hehe). I challenged myself to stick to a posting schedule, every Tuesday and Friday, and it’s been working out pretty well for me. It forces me to spend more time than ever on my blog, and come up with creative ideas, and it keeps me accountable. I think from now on, I’m going to try and stick with it and post every Tuesday and Friday and see where that leads me.  Hopefully it also gives you something to look forward to (or just something to read) on those days. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback this month, and it really motivates me, so thanks to everyone for their kind words!

To be honest, this months faves are kind of random since I didn’t try many makeup/beauty products this month. Nonetheless (wow I really just used that word), I hope you enjoy, and let me know about some of your favourites!

💖, B

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