My Skincare Routine (and why it’s so important!)

Last week, I posted a guide on how to develop your own skincare routine (click here if you haven’t read it yet!) and I said that I would make a post about my skincare routine and why I think routines are so important. So here it is! My own personal insight on why I think developing routines is so important, as well as all the products I use, why I like using them and how I apply them to my face. Enjoy!

💖, B

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My skin care essentials

One thing I really love to do is take care of my skin. That may seem strange to some people, but to me, skin care is like a ritual that I cannot go a day without. I’m far from having perfect skin, but I can say that my skin has improved soo much (Let me know if you would be interested in seeing a post about my skin progress or tips and tricks I do to help maintain my skin, I would be more than happy to share!) Skin care is something I cannot cut corners on. It’s the one thing I will spend a bit more money on if I need to because I DO NOT want to compromise the state of my skin more than it already has been. And sometimes, the more expensive products do the best job at helping me achieve the skin I want. Anyways, today I just wanted to share with you guys some of the products that I swear by and a little bit about how and when I use them. Get ready, this will be a lengthy one!

I guess I should also that my skin type is combination at the moment. My skin has been going through an identity crisis since the beginning of the year, so my skin type fluctuates. Maybe I’ll expand on that in a later post.

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