New Year, New Me (lol)

It’s 2020! And I’m back to let you all know what I’ve been up to.

So last time I checked in, CJ and I had just celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Since then, our friend gave birth to our godson, I went to Japan for the first time with my girls, went back to school, dropped out because I hated the program and celebrated my 25th birthday (my family threw me a surprise party!).

2019 was a great year overall. But there were still parts of me that felt like it was mediocre. I mean, nothing bad happened to me or anything. But at the end of it all, I felt like my own contributions and efforts were subpar. I still found myself questioning what I’m doing with my life, and found myself feeling unhappy in my insignificance. As dumb as it is to admit, I think the whole “new decade, time to start fresh, make this your year” mindset that has been so rampant on social media really hit me hard. In a good way.

Essentially, I’m just tired of doing things for the sake of doing them. I’m over trying to keep up with appearances. I’m tired of playing it safe. I’m tired of not being happy and feeling unfulfilled. So basically, I’m going to change all that. I’m still out here, I’m surviving, and I am super excited for what 2020 holds. My goals for this year are to make a difference, only consume things that are meaningful and add to my life, and to try harder. I’m going to put myself first and do what I want to do.

I’ve enrolled in a clinical esthetics program, and I am SO excited. Y’all already know how passionate I am about skincare and I feel like this field will fulfill me in all the ways I need. I love helping people feel confident/good about themselves, I love learning, and I just genuinely feel like I can succeed.

You will likely no longer see posts related to makeup, reviews, favourites etc. To be honest, I contemplated deleting this blog altogether because all my previous posts no longer seem genuine and enriching to me. But I am going to keep it, because this is my creative outlet and I know I would hate myself for deleting my blog five years from now. I mainly just want to use my blog to track my progress in this upcoming adventure I have going on. This blog is now mainly for me, and all the people in my life who still come on here every once in a while to see how I’m doing.

I hope this makes sense, because I am just typing everything that comes to mind with very minimal editing, but I think it’s much more organic that way. Just know that this is a happy post. I’m excited with where my life is headed!

Scan 53

💖, B

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