February Favourites!

My favourites for this month are honestly kind of random and personal, but I hope you may be able to discover something that you like! I feel like ever since school has picked up, it has been very difficult to sit down and write about the things I want to write about. I’m trying to get into the swing of things, or at least make another transition into blogging regularly, and I hope you all enjoy it. I have a couple of ideas, so stay tuned hehe. I want to get my blog feeling like itself (or myself?) again.

Anyways, enjoy!

đź’–, B

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane

2018-03-04 12:18:02.049

Okay, so initially the only reason why I wanted this book was because I thought it would just look cool on my bookshelf. Like, the cover looks cool right! I didn’t really listen to Gucci at all, but I feel like after reading his autobiography, I have a new found appreciation for him. He’s been through some shit. But he’s living his best life now! And I feel like I’ve just become inclined to liking things he does because I know that little snippet of his life. Skewed logic, but regardless he’s cool. I like his tweets.

The 1 


This is just a little playlist that my qt bear boyfriend made me for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since then, so I felt like I had to include it. Every single song on the playlist has special meaning to our relationship. Not necessarily in a lovey-dovey way though. If you listen to this playlist, I’m sure you’ll be lowkey confused, but it’s a perfect reflection of me and CJ’s relationship. You can click here to listen to it, or just scan the code in Spotify!

Speaking of my relationship, I also just wanna thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive response on CJ and I’s video (which, if you haven’t watched it yet… bish what are you waiting for! Click here!)

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Exfoliator

2018-03-04 12:18:04.470

My skin has going through something wicked this last month. Which isn’t a huge surprise, since I know I haven’t been treating it the best. I have a lot of stubborn texture on my chin and the sides of my cheeks that would not go away, so I went to WalMart looking for an inexpensive exfoliator (I should mention that my favourite exfoliator is Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion exfoliator, but it’s $100…). I decided to pick this up because I love cocoa butter, and Palmer’s is a brand I trust.

First and foremost, this smells like chocolate!!! Idk how many of you have tried Palmer’s or any cocoa butter product, but all the ones I’ve tried never smell like straight chocolate like this one does. Second, the grit is very similar to the famous St Ive’s apricot exfoliator, but I don’t think it’s as harsh on my skin. In fact, it makes my skin feel so brand new. I get all exfoliators do that, but there’s just something about this that makes my skin feel supple in a way that it hasn’t felt when I’ve tried any other exfoliators.



The most handiest app I’ve downloaded in a while! It’s essentially like Apple Wallet – you scan your cards into the app, and all your cards are available on here at any time. The thing that’s crazy about Stocard though, is that it holds soooo many cards! Even gift cards! And it even holds my library card!!!! As someone who constantly switches wallets, this is super handy because I know all my cards are in one place. I never have to worry about leaving a card in my other wallet. Plus they have fliers and promos inside the app (if you’re into that kind of stuff).

There’s also a lock function, just in case you lose your phone, so that randoms can’t get access to your cards. You can set a pin and use Touch ID as well. And you can add Stocard as a widget on the “Today” view in your phone for easy access. Super handy!

Disclaimer: I don’t know if Stocard is available for Androids, but I guess if you have an Android, you could always check.



If you follow me on my @365daysofbrittney account on Instagram (It’s private, so if you don’t follow me, then the only way to see these pics are through the small previews on the sidebar of my blog… or follow me!), you know that I have been using a new app to edit my photos and keep them looking uniform. The app is called Huji, and it makes your pictures look like you took them with a film camera. I found this app through one of my favourite Youtubers, Claire Marshall, and I love the way my photos turn out. It adds a date stamp, and you have the choice to add random light effects as well. I used it to edit the photos on here as well!

With just the basic version of the app, you can only edit photos that you take within the app. But I liked it so much, I decided to just pay the $1.39 it costs to upload your own photos. And I don’t regret it! I feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. Here’s some pictures I edited with Huji:

2018-03-03 15:29:27.0532018-02-24 16:07:14.9652018-02-23 23:27:23.545

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