January Favourites!

It has been a long time since I’ve made a monthly favourite post! But I’m back (and I’m better, want you bad as everrrrr…. jk). This will contain some favourites that I’ve been using the entire month, and some that I have been loving for the past couple months, but have never actually spoken about yet. So sit back, get your scrolling finger ready, and let’s go through my favourites of this month!

Sleepy Body Lotion


I got this lotion as one of my presents from Christmas Ball (a tradition that my cousin started in our family, where she wraps a bunch of small gifts into a ball, and each person gets to unwrap one layer and take the present in that layer. So much fun). It smells like straight up lavender, and it really just makes me feel so warm and cozy and like I’m ready to sleep. Especially when I slather it on after a shower. Most importantly, it makes my skin so smooth! I also love it because the scent lingers on my blankets and it’s just good vibes all around.

Quay x Desi Perkins High Key Mini – Black/Fade


These sunglasses were a Christmas gift from my sister. I’ve been wanting High Keys since they first came out because I live for huge aviators. Now originally, I wanted the ones that were super reflective, because I’m a creep who likes to people watch, but I am actually really glad my sister got me these ombré/gradient looking ones. They look so sick. I really love the black frame and they fit my face perfectly. I feel like a badass, even if I’m just driving to school LOL. I feel like sunglasses are something I can wear year round, because in the winter time, the glare from snow or wet roads SUCKS if you aren’t wearing something to block it out. I’ve definitely been getting a lot of wear out of these bad boys a lot this month!

CK Clutch


This is the last item to complete my Christmas gift trifecta of favourite items. I got this as a gift from CJ’s cousins, and this has pretty much replaced any sort of bag for literally all of January. It is so perfect because first of all, it’s black with gold details. Pretty much all the bags I own are black with gold details! It’s made of this textured faux leather kind of material, so it’s super easy to clean if I happen to spill anything on it. It came in a set of 3, with a larger clutch and a smaller wallet sized wristlet, but this is the perfect size for me to fit a couple cards in, some lotion, lipstick, my cell phone and whatever else is in here at the moment. Having this prevents me from “overpacking” because I can really only carry what I need, and it’s so convenient to just have this on my wrist and go about my day. Plus when I’m at school, this conveniently fits in my backpack. This is a very functional clutch for me, and I’m definitely going to get way more use out of it for the rest of the year!

You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero


One thing I want to implement into my life this year is reading. So when I got multiple books and Chapters giftcards for my birthday, I felt like it was a sign that the universe also wants me to start reading more. So anyways, this book was a gift from my aunt and uncle and bff (Shoutouts J Family!). The front cover says “How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life”, which is what I aspire to do. I really like this book because it’s an easy read. It’s written in a way that makes it seem like a friend or someone you are very comfortable with, is talking to you. It’s also packed with information and it’s just genuinely very interesting. I know that once I start reading this, I’ll reach my minimum 20 minute/day reading goal I’ve set for myself, because I will never want to put it down.

Overall, I just really enjoy reading self-development books, and if you are the same way, I feel like this is one you should definitely check out.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream


If you know anything about me, you know that I CANNOT stand when my hands are dry. I’m that one friend who always has lotion on her, like I swear I have a tube of lotion in every purse/bag I own. Anyways, I’ve always carried hand lotion from Bath and Body Works with me. They smell really good of course, but I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t really help maintain the moisture for a long time. I randomly found this under my bathroom sink, and I took it because it looked heavy duty LOL. And while this isn’t the best smelling thing in the world (it’s unscented, but I feel like things that are unscented always have a weird scent, yenno?), but that goes away after a while. You know what doesn’t go away? THE MOISTURE!!! I also love that this is a bigger tube, but it is still small enough to fit in my little necessities pouch. 10/10 would recommend CeraVe.



My gfs and I started a crocheting club this month, and I gotta say, it’s been pretty gratifying! I mean, we probably all look like little old ladies just crocheting away, but it’s actually SO therapeutic and relaxing. Once I got the hang of it, I swear I could crochet for hours and lose track of time. Plus it’s fun to hang out with my friends, while developing a new hobby. Long story short, I love crocheting. Look at the headbands I made! Are you allowed to have a hobby as a monthly favourite? Oh well. #newyearnewme

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my favourites! I’m sure I don’t have to say it, because you all probably already know by now, but it’s been a crazy few months and I don’t think it’ll slow down any time soon. But thanks for sticking around through all the hiatuses I’ve taken in the past year and a half! You’re my fave!!! Hopefully I can remain consistent in at least posting a favourites post every month.

💖, B

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