Sephora VIB Sale Haul!

First of all, let’s ignore the fact that I’ve been missing for three months. That’s a story for another post. I wanted to show you guys the things I got from the Sephora VIB sale! I’m actually super pleased with everything I managed to grab, despite some of the things I had my eye on selling out (ie: the four pack of Clarisonic brush heads for $80… til next time I guess 😢). We all know that ya girl LOVES a good deal, and I can confidently say that I got my money’s worth this time around! I saved $45 on everything, which is pretty good considering I got a lot of things.

Also, something that I learned this time around is that the Sephora app and website are not that accurate when it comes to stock in store.

  1. Some things I wanted on the app said that no store in my area had the item in stock. Which was a lie because I went to two different stores on two different occasions, and they still had the items.
  2. Also, I found an item in store that had the “online only” label on it on the app/website

Trust no one!!! Jokes. Don’t go to those extremes. But from my experience, I’m probably just going to do my VIB sale shopping in store from now on.

SK-11 Pitera Essence Set


Original: $131.25 // After savings: $105

I am most excited about this set! I’ve always wanted to try out SK-II for a really long time now, because I have only heard amazing reviews about their products (from both Youtubers and my friends). But just couldn’t bring myself to buy something that’s so expensive. Huge shoutout to my boyfriend for buying this for me as an early Christmas gift! This set is perfect because it contains a decent sized bottle (2.5 fl oz) of their famous facial treatment essence, a travel sized bottle (1 fl oz) of the facial treatment lotion and one facial treatment mask, all for $125 (Which is the price of just the essence – so technically I got the mask and lotion for free! But cheaper than free because I got the set on sale! The mask alone is $22. I’m truly shook) Review to come soon 😉

Smashbox Draw In Decked Out Shadow & Highlight Palette Set


Original: $50.40 // After savings: $40.32


L: Sultry / R: Ablaze


L-R: Turn It On, Crank It Up, Blow A Fuse

I’ve always wanted to try the Smashbox Cover Shot palettes and this set caught my attention because it has two Cover Shot palettes (Ablaze and Sultry, which is exclusive to this set) and a travel sized Spotlight Cheek Palette in Pearl. I was so sad when it sold out during the VIB Rouge sale, so when I found it at Sephora, I snatched it. It was the last one too! This set is suuch a steal, because it’s originally around $50 (before the additional 20% off), and one Cover Shot palette is $35. It comes with two palettes and a highlighting palette?! Like how! I love the colors in all of the palettes, and I think I’m going to have a lot of fun playing with these. Plus, they’re fairly compact, so it doesn’t take up much space when storing it or travelling. (Low key kind of sad that they don’t come in the original packaging, but it’s something I can live with).

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb


Original price: $24.15 // After savings: $19.32

I don’t really wear lip gloss, but there is so much hype around this lip gloss, that I really wanted to see for myself. So many of my girlfriends have it, and couldn’t stop raving about it, so I knew I had to get it. I really like that it isn’t too glittery, and it really is universally flattering. I’m kind of indifferent about the taste/scent of it. It isn’t the worst, but it’s definitely not my favourite either. Overall, I’m happy with it, but I don’t know if I would purchase it again. We’ll see…

Tarte Overexposed Highlighter Set


Original price: $18.90 // After savings: $15.12

I will admit that this was an impulse buy. I saw this on the website originally and saw that it was online only, so I told myself that I don’t really need it, but if I buy my stuff online, then I’ll keep it in the cart. So when I went to the actual store to buy my things, I realized that I wouldn’t be getting this set. SIKE. I passed by a display that had a bunch of the sets on it and I was like … you’re supposed to be online only… But I grabbed it anyways. I have yet to try it, but I’m pretty excited because I’ve never really tried Tarte products (besides my Tartelette In Bloom palette), so I hope I don’t end up disappointed. I like the colour, and these are mini and so cute!!

(On another note though, I think I have enough highlighters to last me about 10 years…)

And that’s it! I know the sale is over by now, but if these products really interest you, you can always find them in store! I love that the sale comes around at this time of the year, because this is when Sephora preps for the holdays, so they always have tons of good deals, even without the sale. I am a happy camper, and I probably won’t shop for makeup for the next couple of months.

Hope to see you all around soon!

💖, B

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