My Current Beauty Faves!

Hey everyone! I feel like it’s been quite some time since I’ve done a monthly favourites post. With everything going on this summer, I feel like I haven’t had enough products to include in a single favourites post, and I wasn’t trying to waste your time by having you guys only read about a single product. So I’ve compiled a list of beauty products that I have been loving over the past couple of months and put them all in one post. Enjoy!

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Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Opal



To be honest, Champagne Pop was the highlighter that first made me familiar with Becca as a brand. As soon as I wore it, I instantly fell in love, swore off all other highlighters, and it became my holy grail – until CJ took me to Sephora at the beginning of last month. He let me pick out whatever I wanted as my anniversary present, and I was just casually looking at the other Becca highlighters. He swatched Opal randomly and told me he thought it would look really nice on me (which is another reason why this has a little bit of sentimental value to me hehe) so I got it. And I have to say that Opal has become my new holy grail!

I haven’t picked up CP at all since Opal made it’s way into my collection. I think the gold looks soo good and a bit more natural on my skin tone than CP does, which allows me to lightly apply it on days where I’m not wearing foundation (which has become most days tbh) and achieve a beautiful, natural looking glow. And even on days where I want to be extra highlighted, this delivers a blinding glow as well.

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette


This is not a new palette whatsoever, so I know I’m late on the Modern Renaissance train. I got this palette in June (another “get whatever you want” gift from CJ #blessed) and I’ve been playing around with it a lot in my free time. I love warm coloured palettes, but I never really gravitate towards a lot of the colours that are in this palette, which is the main reason why I wanted it. I really wanted to go beyond what I was used to and play with the oranges and pinks and glitter shadows.

I really love this palette, despite the fact that there is a lot more fallout than I’m used to. I’m not the best with eyeshadow, but the shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend, which made it very easy for me to use. There’s also a ton of inspo on Instagram, which has been a really big help for me, when I don’t know what kind of look I’m going for. Another great thing about the palette is that I am able to use it for all different types of occasions, like simple everyday looks, to something with a little bit more oomph if I feel like it (You could definitely do dramatic looks with this palette as well, but I have yet to actually create a dramatic look on myself)

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum


My girl Selina used this serum to help lighten her dark spots on her skin, and after I told her that I was looking for something like that for my own dark spots, she let me have whatever was left in the bottle that she had. This is an oily serum, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like the feeling of oil on your face, I don’t know if you would like it. But with the results I’ve seen, I honestly feel like that’s something that you could easily look over. I love facial oils, so the fact that it’s a more oily serum just makes me love it even more.

I truly have noticed a visible difference in what my dark spots looked like before and after I used this. I still do have dark spots, but they have lightened significantly. My skin has been looking so clear and healthy after using this serum. I feel like it has also contributed to the way my skin feels in terms of texture and smoothness. I’ve noticed that under good lighting conditions, especially when I’m at the gym, my skin looks flawless!! I’m 99.9% sure that it’s because of this serum, because my skin care routine has remained the same for a long while before introducing this serum.

(On a random note though, I am running out, so I need to order another one ASAP!! You can buy this on Amazon if you decide to try the serum out for yourself!)

Kat Von D Ink Liner – Trooper


I ran out of eyeliner while I was in Edmonton for Bruno Mars, so we quickly stopped by a Sephora before the concert. I normally use the Tattoo Liner, but they were sold out at this particular location, and we didn’t have any time to go to any other Sephoras, so I just grabbed the Ink Liner instead. I was kind of annoyed because the Ink Liner is a sponge tip, whereas the Tattoo Liner is a brush tip, which is what I prefer. Plus I have had bad experiences with pretty much every single sponge tip eyeliner I’ve ever used, so I didn’t have much expectations with this. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Now my main complaints about sponge tip eyeliners (at least the ones I’ve tried) are that 1) They are never quite as pigmented as other liquid eyeliners 2) They are literally never ever waterproof 3) They dry out faster and 4) The sponge tip makes it harder to draw an accurate wing. But this liner was the complete opposite! It’s crazy pigmented and does not budge throughout the day. I never have to go over a spot twice, because this delivers a smooth, even line every time. I can still get a sharp, intense wing using this eyeliner and I personally think that the Ink Liner doesn’t dry out quite as fast as the Tattoo Liner. I think I now prefer Ink liner over Tattoo Liner!

(And if eyeliner is something you dread while doing your makeup, read how I achieve the perfect wing here! All my tips and tricks are in that post, so maybe I hope it’ll help you!)

Okay wow. I went into a lot of depth and detail about these products, but I hope that just shows you how much I love them!

As always, thank you so much for taking the time out to read this! I hope you all have a great day. If you have any current beauty favourites you want to share, let me know and I’ll be sure to check them out, if I haven’t already used them.

💖, B


  1. Ooooooo interested! Your (assuming) boyfriend sounds totally lovely and dam right he should spoiI you when you sound so lovely! I really personally like the felt liners and currently use maybelines fine liner as my go-to. But always looking out so maybe I’ll try your one! But serums I’ve never tried so is it worth it for the price? Xx


    • Haha thank you! And I definitely think the serum is worth it based on the results I’ve seen! I personally don’t mind spending a bit more/investing on skincare products, especially if I know that they work 🙂


      • That’s true, I’m willing to but aleays seem to pick the bad ones! X


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