July In Review

First and foremost, I know I say this a lot, but I have been busy. At the beginning of the summer, I remember thinking to myself that four months of summer seemed like it would drag on. But I was very wrong. Every month thus far has been filled with so many activities and events and things to do, that I have been spending so much time out in the world and less time at home. Although my blog has had to take a backseat, I have really been loving it! I wanted to come on here and just write, and update you all on some things that I’ve been doing and stuff that has been going on in my life. I think this will also serve as a way for me to look back and appreciate the inevitable and necessary changes that have been going on!

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Something big that has happened to me, is that I got a new job. This is such a huge deal to me, because I have been working at the same mall since I was 16 (that’s six years yall. SIX.), not to mention, I’ve been at my current job for four years, and I am looong overdue for a change of scenery. It took a while for me to realize that I no longer felt like I was being challenged. Every day was pretty much the same, and I pretty much mastered all that I could at that job.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am nervous because I’m entering a field that I have no experience in whatsoever and I’ll become the “new girl”, which is a feeling I haven’t experienced in a hot minute. But I’m mostly excited because of that same fact. I am quite excited to learn new skills, and be in an environment that is foreign to me. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been challenged, and I am 100% ready to accept the changes that are coming my way! As someone who has a difficult time adjusting to change, I must say that I have surprised myself.


At the very beginning of the month, CJ and I celebrated our two year anniversary! I am so very blessed to be with someone so supportive and selfless. He makes me laugh literally all the time. When I’m in a bad mood and don’t feel like laughing, he always seems to be able to crack a smile on my face. Which I kind of hate, but mostly love. And he just treats me so good! There’s so many things I could say about him, but mostly, I am just eternally grateful to God for placing this human being in my life to help me become a better version of myself (and to also teach me a thing or two about patience…) This hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it 🙂

Lately, a big chunk of my time has been devoted to my family. If you don’t already know, my family is very close. We love spending time together and being in each other’s presence. Like, we don’t really need a reason to get together, we have a lot of parties and family dinners just because. My family is also huge, in comparison to the average family, which I think makes our bond even stronger and more special. I have family from Texas who have been here the past week, and we rarely get to see them. It’s been so much fun seeing them and just hanging out, and I’ve really been loving every second of it. It’s a reminder to me that I have been blessed with such an amazing and loving family, because I know not everyone has the same relationship with their family.

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Also, I went to see Fetty Wap and Big Sean in concert for the Stampede, and if you know me, you know that’s a dream come true for me. Just wanted to mention it, even though you’ll see it in a vlog eventually. I’m also going to see Bruno Mars in a couple days and I am SO. EXCITED. I’ve been wanting to see him live since I was 15, and the one time he was in Calgary, I missed the concert because I was in Toronto at the time, This time I knew I couldn’t miss it!!!



As far as my fitness journey, I have been slacking at the gym. I haven’t been to the gym in almost two weeks. Being busy is definitely not an excuse, because you can always make time for something if it is a priority in your life, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things. But on the bright side, I’ve hit my goal weight and I’ve finally been able to squat a plate! I am loving where I am at right now, but I know it’s gonna be a bit of a struggle when I get back into the gym. Nothing worth having comes easy yall.

To end off, I just wanted to list a couple of small things regarding my blog… There won’t be a bullet journal post for this month again. Just because I really haven’t touched it, and there’s literally only one thing that I did in it, that I haven’t even finished. I feel like the BuJo series will most likely be back for school. I also don’t think there’s going to be a July favourites either… I feel like I’m shifting from posting reviews and beauty related things, to wanting to post more about life and my thoughts. I’m obviously never going to stop posting beauty related things, but currently, I feel like “life” posts feel more natural to write. I’m just gonna go with the flow though.

I also want to change my layout. I’m feeling bored with it, so maybe keep an eye out for that in the upcoming weeks! I hope you all have been having an amazing summer and I hope that life has been treating you well. If you’re still here kickin’ it with me, I am seriously so thankful! Please continue to be patient with me, I don’t plan on abandoning this blog anytime soon!

💖, B

P.S. We’re only two more followers away from hitting 100. I honestly think that’s so cool!! Obviously it isn’t a huge number, but I genuinely never thought I would be close to hitting three digits – ever. So thank you!!!

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