Brittney’s BuJo | May 2017

Hey hey! It’s that time of the month again. Hehe. Here’s a sneak peek into my bullet journal for the month of May. Still trying to keep it minimal, so like last month, I used one colour and a black pen. I finally got Pilot pens, so this month looks so crisp and nice. Such basic words used to describe how pleased I am, but you’ll understand once you see it. If you want to see the layouts I created from past months, then click here!

May Overview

IMG_0962.JPGThe layout of my May overview page was inspired by a picture that I came across on Instagram. Also, my theme colour for this month was green, inspired by spring. Do you notice the difference a fine tip pen makes! It looks so crisp compared to what I used last month! Also, I only had one goal, and as you’ll see in the next picture, I failed completely.



I’m not completely happy with my habit tracker. To be honest, I wanted to do a circle tracker but those are nearly impossible to do without a protractor (I can’t make circles to save my life). I like the quote, but I made it so big and uneven, so it just bugs me every time I look at it LOL. Notice how I didn’t go to bed before 11 at all this month. I failed my goal. Wah.

I really like my water tracker. I feel like less space is wasted this way, and everything looks so crisp and orderly. Something about straight lines is just so aesthetically pleasing and makes me so happy! I think I might keep this layout permanently. But I just need to work on my calligraphy. I hate the way the Rs look. So uneven.


I used the same layout as m expense tracker last month. I spent so much this month. I kinda wanna cry… But I won’t.



This month I added a gratitude log. I wanted to do this because it forces me to sit down and think about something I was thankful for on that particular day. I mean, how often do you consciously think about the things you are thankful for in your life? (My apologies if you do, I guess I can’t make that assumption.) I also think that when you think of one thing you are thankful for, you think about other nice things that happened on that day that you are also thankful for.



Not much different than last months. I just oriented the rectangles differently. I think it looks kinda cool and official with the ALBOE going down the middle.



Same layout again. I think I might stop tracking what I eat for June, mainly because I found that it doesn’t really help me, and it’s kind of just become something redundant for me to do. I originally did this cause I wanted to see when I miss meals, but I’ve actually been gaining weight (or at least maintaining a weight I am actually happy with) ever since I started working out.

That’s all for this month! Not to interesting content wise, but I actually love the green/leaf theme! See you all at the same time next month! And if you bullet journal, please please let me know. I love seeing other people’s bullet journals and seeing how other people do theirs. I’m thinking of stepping away from the one colour and black pen thing I have going on… We’ll see hehe.

💖, B

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