Coming Out Strong | MOTD & Colourpop Eyeshadow First Impression

One of my favourite songs on Future’s HNDRXX is his song with The Weeknd, called Coming Out Strong. This MOTD was inspired by that song, in particular by my favourite line in the song that says “They said I couldn’t reach Mars, so I turned to a star”. When I think of turning into a literal star, I think of a lot of glow and brightness, and I thought it would be fun to translate that into a makeup look. I also got a bunch of new Colourpop shadows, so I really wanted to incorporate them into this look. I haven’t done a MOTD in a while, and it was fun to use new products, as well as products I already own, but don’t use on an everyday basis. Kind of challenging, but I am so pleased with how this look turned out. If you’re curious to see how the look turned out, hit that read more!

đź’–, B

Untitled design (1)

At first I intended to use a lot of glitter and high shine on my eyes, but it didn’t end up working that way. However, I think the colours I used really compliment the look.

IMG_0925I primed my lids, then set it with Colourpop’s Pressed Powder shadow in Locked and Loaded. It also acted as the perfect transition shade for everything. Then I put I Owe You all up in my crease, til a little bit past the brow bone. This is such a pretty orange shade, and it’s a colour I’ve never really used before, but I can definitely see myself using it even more in the future. I also built it up more in the outer corner for some depth and definition. (I don’t have a Z Palette, or anywhere really, to store my single shadows, so they currently are still in the plastic holders they came with and are sitting in a safe place in my makeup drawer). I wanted to add a little bit more orange in the crease for dimension, so to do that, I packed on Honey Butter from the Too Faced Natural Matte palette.


After I was happy with the amount of definition, I used my finger to apply Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in Elixir on the outer corner, fading into the brow bone and the also applied it on lower lash line. I really like the way it created kind of a gradient effect with I Owe You. SO Pretty.

I wanted to deepen the look even more, so I used Sexspresso from the Natural Matte palette and very lightly added it to the outer corner. Since it is a darker shadow, I didn’t want to add too much at one time and have it be too dark, so I built it up until it became as dark as I wanted it to be.


Then for the shimmer, I used a MAC Pigment Colour Powder in the shade Melon. I thought that pigment would be the perfect way to pack a punch, rather than using glitter eyeshadow. It looks rose gold in the container, but on my lid, it just looks straight gold. I’ve never used pigment before, so it was a tad intimidating, but I was surprised at how easy it was to work with. But maybe it’s cause I applied it slowly and carefully with a tiny brush to make sure I wouldn’t mess up LOL. I also used a very small amount of this, mixed with Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in Hourglass Beige, to highlight my brow bone.

I forgot to mention that after every step, I just blended everything together with a clean fluffy brush. No harsh lines here yall.


I wish I used different lashes with this look to be honest, but I wanted something long and not too dramatic, so I used the Ardell Faux mink lashes in the style 812. I’ve come to realize that I don’t really like these lashes. The lashes themselves are so pretty, but the band is so incredibly stiff and so hard to work with. It kept poking my eyelid.


The main focus of this look was my skin. I once saw on Instagram how a girl used the Iconic London liquid highlighter under her foundation to make her skin more glowy, so that’s what I did. I applied the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight all over my face. I looked like the tin man with a tan haha. I even took it a step further and added it to my foundation, for even more luminosity. I also used the drops to highlight my cheekbones and nose.



Don’t have a headache, just holding back my baby hairs LOL

Fair warning though, by doing this, I accentuated literally every trace of texture on my skin, so if you want a more wearable look, I would just stick to adding a drop to your foundation, instead of your whole face. I Facetuned the pictures that are closer up to my face to try and fix the appearance of the texture on my face, but it dulled the glow of my skin. I hope you can still kinda see it though.

I wanted my face to glow, so I didn’t want to add to many powders to my face. Since I only have powder contour, I skipped it all together, and just put Champagne Pop on top of the places I already highlighted.


For my lips, I didn’t add any colour. I just mixed my Maybelline Shine Shot lipgloss with some of this gold glitter I got from Sephora. When I bought this, I thought I could use this as a highlight, but it’s straight up glitter, just finely milled, so I’ve never really used it til now.


This is my first time ever trying eyeshadows from Colourpop and I have to say, I am very impressed with them (both the Pressed Powder and Super Shock shadows). They are very pigmented, and really easy to work with. I was surprised at how well they blended and appeared on my eye. I guess I didn’t really have any expectations of them because I haven’t watched many reviews on the pressed powder shadows. But now, I really, really want more in a bunch of different colours. I probably won’t get anymore any time soon because I usually wait til international shipping is free, but I’ve already made a list of shadows I want!

Yall already know what comes with products I like…


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