Brittney’s BuJo | April 2017

Hey everyone! My bullet journal and I are back! A lot of you enjoyed my first Brittney’s BuJo post, so I decided this is definitely going to be a recurring series on my blog! I really like my layout for this month in comparison to last month, so if you want to see what it looks like, keep reading!

Like I mentioned in my previous BuJo post, I wanted to keep the layout and design of this month as simple and minimalistic as possible. To do this, I only used a black pen/marker and pink as an accent colour. I’m not the biggest fan of pink, so I don’t know what compelled me to use it as my accent colour, but I did and I don’t completely hate it. I also wanted to experiment with different layouts for my trackers this month.



I impressed myself with my monthly overview page. Instead of just having the month and a bunch of important dates going down the page like I had for March, I included a To Do list and goals for the month, as well as a mini calendar. Since April marks the beginning of spring (even though it has still been snowing here), I thought the vine design was appropriate and is something you’ll see throughout the other pages. I got the inspiration from Pinterest, which in my opinion is the number one place to go for BuJo inspo. You can find everything there!



I thought it would be a good idea to have a bunch of mini calendars, with the habit I wanted to track at the top. But I don’t think I will go back to this layout. Mostly because it’s just so tedious to actually get down on the paper, but also because it’s harder to see how well I did with the habits overall, throughout the month. However with this design, it’s easier to see all the habits in isolation. Now I know which habits I don’t need to include next month!

With the water tracker, I really like the vertical design, but I don’t like how half the page pretty much went to waste. I was planning to add illustrations to the blank space, but I just never got around to it. I think for next month, I’ll keep the vertical design, but space out the number of cups more. I’ve drank more water this month than I have in March, so I’m pretty proud of that. I think I could still do better though.


I like the way I did my expenses tracker this month. Rather than having large boxes and tracking my spending by the day, I made smaller boxes according to weeks and didn’t make them day specific (If you look at my old expense tracker and compare it to this month’s, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Just had to hide one thing, because it’s a gift I haven’t given to the person yet, and that person reads my blog hehe.



If you read what I posted on Sunday, you know that I’ve been doing spring cleaning the entire month. This is just a checklist of everything I wanted to clean out and reorganize to keep me on track.



I made this in the second week of April, which is why it starts on the 11th. Rather than just having a blank page for me to scribble post ideas in, I added some structure and made day specific boxes. That way, I can scribble and write in the specific box, and make everything come together in a post. Since I didn’t post at all last week, I’m covering the two posts that were supposed to go up, as well as the post that is planned for Friday. You guys will see them soon – no spoilers!



This food log is also something I got the idea to do after the month started, which is why it starts on April 9. I write down everything I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and I also mark down when I haven’t eaten anything for any of those meals. I’m trying to gain a bit more weight, so looking at this food log helps me see everything I ate. Also, yes I realize that just writing my meals down doesn’t really tell me much about the weight I’ll gain and that I should be counting my calories and what not. I’ll get to that soon.



The last page is just a page for me to practice calligraphy and other fonts I may want to use throughout my bullet journal. I write in here when I have free time. If you’re wondering, I get my fonts from I just look up different calligraphy fonts, save them in my bookmarks on my computer, and then do my best to recreate them in my journal! I think it’s good practice to get you used to the curves and lines of calligraphy. I write them in pencil, but I should really be putting my new brush pens to work…

And that’s it! I’m really proud of this month’s layout if I do say so myself. I hope this gave you some inspo for your own bullet journal! We’ll see you again, at the same time next month hehe.

💖, B


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