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Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted at all last week, it has been a busy week and I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to writing posts. Like I’ve said before, I want to stick to my Tuesday & Friday posting schedule as much as possible, but if I don’t like the posts I’ve come up with, or if I don’t have enough time to devote to posting, I won’t. I’m sure you all understand! Quality over quantity, right? Rest assured, I will be back to my normal posting days starting now. Anyways, I just wanted to come on here and tell you guys about a few things I’ve been up to while I’ve been away.

I had my first final last Wednesday. I spent the days leading up to it studying like crazy (which is the main reason why I didn’t post on Tuesday), but I think it really paid off. I still haven’t gotten my marks back yet, but I’m sure I did really well on it. I felt pretty confident the entire time I was writing it. I still have one more final to write, but it’s all online so I’m pretty much done for the year!

IMG_0313I’ve also been devoting a lot of my time to spring cleaning. It’s something that I try to do every year because I’m never aware of just how much things I own, until I make myself clean my closet out. I’m still not done though. I have so much other stuff that I want to clean out and reorganize, so it’s going to take me a couple weeks before I actually finish. So far, I’ve managed to collect two garbage bags and a shopping bag full of clothes and a box full of old makeup I don’t use anymore. It just goes to show you how consumed you can get with owning new possessions, when you still have a closet full of clothes you never wear (I hope that makes sense). I mean some of the things I got rid of still had tags on them, or were never even worn in the first place! I try to donate my old clothes and possessions as much as I can because I know there are a lot of people out there who can’t buy themselves new clothes on the regular. I will usually give my younger cousins first dibs on the clothes, and whatever they don’t want gets donated. I’ve also deleted a bunch of old files and apps on my laptop that I have no use for. Shoutouts to the Dr. Cleaner app for making deleting files so quick and easy. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Getting rid of all this stuff makes me feel so light and free!!

My family and I went to an event called Spring Frenzy at East Village. There was a bunch of food trucks there and performers. And so many dogs!! Thankfully the weather was nice, so spending all that time outside was quite enjoyable. We tried out some tacos from Happy Fish and empanadas from Empanada Queen and gelato from Fiasco (but I wasn’t thinking and didn’t get the chance to take pictures of them). I think my favourite were the empanadas.

Lastly, I’m receiving more products to test out! I’m pretty excited about that because, well, who doesn’t love getting free stuff! I won’t give any hints out just yet (although I did tell a couple people already), but you guys will see a product review up soon, hopefully.

And speaking of new products, Sephora had their VIB sale this week! I ordered the Sunday Riley Power Couple kit because I had run out of the Good Genes treatment a while ago and my Luna oil is almost out. And I was going to be good and just stop there, but I made the mistake of going into Sephora. I swear I wasn’t going to buy anything, but my boyfriend convinced me to buy eyeliner and setting spray since I was running out, and could get them at a cheaper price. Shoutouts to all the boyfriends (especially mine) out there who don’t complain about being in Sephora and actually help you make decisions, give you their opinions on products, hold onto things for you and don’t judge you and make you feel bad for spending so much money when you’re paying. Y’all are the real MVP for real!

My blog is actually turning one next week, which is crazy! When I think about when I first made my blog, I never would have thought that I would be able to receive products and that so many people would enjoy this blog and actually keep up with it. Definition of a #GloUp. So whether you have been with me since the beginning, or are someone who has just stumbled upon my blog recently, I want to thank you for sticking by me all this time. I hope life has been treating you all very well!

💖, B

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