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On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to try floating! This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, ever since my best friend did a float and raved about it to me last summer. CJ and I are constantly entering Instagram contests for activities to do around Calgary, and he just so happened to win us two floats (shout outs to @datenightyyc!) at Clear Float Spa. Click the read more to find out more about my experience! Hopefully this answers any questions you might have if you’ve ever wanted to float yourself.

💖, B

float pic


Before I go on though, I guess I should explain what floating is. You enter a room with a large pod in it. Inside the pod is 8 – 10 inches of salt water (1,000 pound of salt is added to the water, which makes it 4 times more dense than the Dead Sea!!) Once you enter the pod and lay down, your body automatically floats, because of how dense the water is. The whole purpose of this is for sensory deprivation. You don’t feel anything, which allows you to meditate and clear your mind from all the stress from life. Definitely a one of a kind experience that I don’t think you’ll be able to get anywhere else.

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My first impression upon entering the spa, was that I immediately already felt relaxed. The interior was mostly white, very quiet and had a diffuser running that was making a very clear, calming scent fill the front room. I had to sign a waiver (you have to be 18+ to float btw!) and give the Sarah, the kind woman who took care of us, my information before she showed us around. CJ and I also got to pick from a selection of teas that she would have ready for us post float. I liked this place already! Then we just took off our shoes and headed to the float room. Clear currently has four float rooms if I’m not mistaken.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetEach room had the floating pod, a shower, and some toiletries you might need during your stay. It’s one person per pod, so CJ was in one room and I was in another. I liked that they had everything you needed to float. You don’t have to worry about bringing shampoo or conditioner. We were instructed on how to change or turn off the lights and music that were in the pod, as well as some general things to note. Everyone has to take a quick shower before they enter and Sarah advised us to take a cold to lukewarm shower because if you take a hot shower, your body will start to cool down when you’re in the pod, and you’ll feel colder – beating the purpose of sensory deprivation.

After the shower, I got into the pod and it felt nice and toasty compared to the ice cold shower I took (I had to pep talk myself into getting under the water, I didn’t want to take the chance of making the shower too warm). And yes. You float naked. You aren’t supposed to feel anything remember? I closed it all the way and at first I left the lights on and had some music going, but then I decided to turn them both off and just lay in complete darkness and silence.

At first, I found it quite hard to relax. The smallest movements you make in the pod will cause the water to ripple and your body will move around. There was a small neck pillow provided in the pod, and I used that at first, but I stopped after a while because I could feel it on my skin (which sucks though because without the pillow, my neck felt like it was cramping for a bit).  I think the most important thing to do is to just try and clear your mind. I kept singing songs in my head, and thinking about what I wanted to write about this experience, but you really have to try and block out those thoughts. After a while, I kind of got used to it. It was also cool because I kept my eyes closed, but you really don’t need to. The pod is pitch black, so you don’t see anything anyways.

After a while, I couldn’t tell where my body ended and the water began. Since my body temperature heated up to the same temperature of the water, my body and the water felt like they were all one thing. I couldn’t tell where my fingers ended or where the water was touching my face – it was crazy. I don’t know if you can imagine that, but trust me. It’s the weirdest, but most relaxing feeling. Since you’re floating, there is no pressure anywhere on your and you just feel nothing. Also it was just so quiet in the pod. I could hear my own heart beat through the water, and any time my stomach rumbled, it sounded so loud because of how silent it was. So calming. I had no idea where my body was in the pod, and I was slightly floating around so calm and relaxed, so when some of my arm hairs touched the side of the pod, it actually startled me so much that I flinched really hard and the water went crazy LOL. (Yes. My arm hairs. Not even my actual arm!)

When my float was done, the lights slowly turned on (my eyes were open and this actually scared me LOL) and a voice came on in the pod to let me know that my float is finished. As soon as I opened the pod, I felt soo cold, so I rushed into the shower to clean off right away. Showering after is essential because the salt on your skin dries white, and will be very noticeable! Something that is also nice to know is that my skin didn’t feel dry or absent of moisture at all. After the shower, my skin was sooo smooth!

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At the end of our float, CJ and I made our way to the back of the spa, where Sarah had our tea waiting, along with a nice quote and message. It was one extra thing that made me feel even more relaxed and at peace.

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We then made our way to the spa’s Zen Room. The dim lighting, bean bags and books made adjusting back to reality quite easy and peaceful. CJ and I spent maybe 20-ish minutes in here just sipping our tea, talking about our different experiences in the pod, and reading some of the books here. There were also dry erase markers provided so that floaters could write on the walls. We were surrounded by lots of positive quotes, it was quite nice.

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There was also a community journal in which floaters could write about their experiences. I spent most of my time reading it and it was cool reading about what compelled people to float, as well as learning about some of the things they felt while they were floating.



These two entries stuck out to me in particular. I think it’s because I can relate to this on some level.

For any of you that live in Calgary, you can find more information about Clear Float Spa on their website here, as well as creep them on their socials (@clearfloatspa on both Instagram and Twitter). The website is very informative about what to expect on your first float, as well as answering any questions you may have and tells you a lot of benefits that come with floating. And even if you don’t live in Calgary, you should definitely check out float spas in your area! It’s such a nice way to relax, clear your mind and catch a break from the stresses of life.

CJ and I also went to a new sushi place (Koto Sushi Lounge) right after, and it was delicious! I’m just gonna insert a few pics I took because I honestly think sushi is art for your eyes and stomach.


I’m not gonna lie, I don’t remember the names of any of the rolls we ordered besides the plain salmon roll. But the one at the top was my favourite. It had cucumber, imitation crab and avocado inside, with seared salmon and korean sweet and spicy sauce on top. SO. GOOD.

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We also LOVE takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls), so we wanted to try it here as well. I think it’s fun getting one of your favourite dishes at a new restaurant because I like comparing how each one does it differently. I liked how Koto topped it with potato sticks and had lemon on the side for you to add on top. Such an interesting taste, but still good nonetheless!

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Also, how pretty is the interior of this place!! I love the red accents everywhere. The walls also had cherry blossoms on it, which I thought was cute.


  1. Wow!! This sounds like an amazing experience!! I’ve never been in a float pod but I have been in a floatation pool where it’s full of the same type of water and you float in a ‘celestial’ room so the ceiling is quite high but the room is dimly lit and there’s lit stars to look up at as you float. The current takes you round the pool and it’s lovely 🙂 Great post! I was pretty engrossed in reading it!! Sounds so relaxing! xx

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