Brittney’s BuJo | March 2017

Hey everyone! If you’ve read my March Favourites post, you would have seen that I started bullet journaling. I wanted to start this new series on my blog to track the progress of my bullet journal, as well as give some tips and inspiration to anyone else who bullet journals.

I’m the kind of person who loves (and needs) to write everything down. Bullet journaling is the perfect way for me to keep track of habits, goals, deadlines, ideas etc in one book, while also having the creative freedom to design every page in whatever way I want. Plus the dots on every page are ideal for a perfectionist like me, so I can ensure that everything is straight and evenly spaced out. Also, bullet journaling and the way you set up and design your bullet journal is 100% up to you!

Okay. Also. I don’t really like my March section in my BuJo, but I just wanted to showcase what I did for the month. I think all the colours and different layouts I experimented with make it look too cluttered (at least for my taste). It was very tempting to want to make my bullet journal look pretty and colourful, like many of the ones I saw on Instagram and Pinterest, but now I know for next month that I want to keep the design and layout very simple and minimalistic.

I hope this gives you inspiration for your bullet journals (even if that inspiration is what you don’t want your bullet journal to look like) and even if you don’t keep you own bullet journal and are just curious about what mine looks like, I hope you are satisfied. Until next month!

💖, B


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The very first page in my bullet journal is a March overview page. It has the month at the top, the days of the month going down the page, and important events and dates beside the corresponding date. I colour coded everything according to what it was (orange for birthdays, light blue for work days, yellow for random events or hangouts, dark blue for school deadlines and red for days where I need to pay a bill).

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In March, I really needed to save money because I was barely getting hours at work. Needless to say it didn’t go that well because I bought concert tickets and tickets for my trip to Mexico. But it was good for me to see where all my money was going, and where I need to relax with the spending. I also made a legend so at the end of the month, I could see what category I was spending the most money in.

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A goal I have is to drink more water, so I made a water tracker to see how much water I’m drinking a day. The number of cups I drank is along the side and the days of the month are along the top. I think having a tracker motivated me to drink more water, just so I could mark it down in the tracker. From the tracker, I can see that there were days where I was getting enough water, but overall, I didn’t do as well as I would like, so it’s something I can work on for April.

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This is my favourite page. I’m proud of my header and my little quote in calligraphy (which literally took me an hour to do). After reading The Compound Effect, I was inspired to keep track of my habits. I included some things that I wanted to become habits as well as things I just needed to keep track of.

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This is mostly a brain dump page for my blog and it isn’t super organized or structured. Actually the only thing that’s (semi) nice looking about it is the title. Everything else is a bunch of messy writing, scribbling and crossing out, but I guess that’s how my brain works when it comes to this kind of stuff. I use this page to quickly jot down ideas for my blog (which is why most of it is covered, because I don’t want to spoil anything ;)) and how I’m going to go about writing the post.

The next two pages in my bullet journal were incomplete, but I wanted to include them anyways.

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Like I mentioned before, I needed to save money this month, so I wanted to make a budget planner (I just covered up some personal info hehe). I didn’t finish this page but spoiler alert, I went over budget.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Clearly I didn’t get very far, but I just liked the look of this header. I didn’t write down any of the goals I had, but don’t worry, they’re in my head. And I’ve also transferred them to my April section of my BuJo, so you’ll see them next month.

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