Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt

When I first started this blog, I really only told a handful of people who I felt the closest to. I posted the link to my blog on my Twitter and Instagram, but I went through phases where I would take it down, then put it up again, then take it down, then put it up again… I think the reason why I was so indecisive about putting my blog out there was because of fear. I was scared that people might think it’s stupid or that people would talk about it without me knowing, thinking that it’s weird, people would be annoyed at my self promo blah blah blah… I pretty much spiralled into the never ending cycle of negative “what ifs”. It was also a challenge because it seemed to me that these days, people are more into watching videos on YouTube than reading reviews on a blog.

I did some reflecting and realized that there’s really no reason behind the fear I felt. If anything, it’s my anxiety taking hold of me. I have never heard anything negative about my blog, so why should I let hypothetical negative feedback affect how I run it and advertise it? I am proud of the content that I post and I put so much effort into every post. I always make sure that it is something helpful and something that people can learn from and enjoy, while also being something I am interested in and something I would want to read about. Plus what is the point of having a blog and paying for it if I’m not putting it out there? So much hard work goes into coming up with ideas to write about, actually writing and editing the post, and then capturing and creating images as well as having to edit those images. If it was only going to be something meant for my close friends to read, why invest so much time and effort into making everything perfect, when I could just text them my thoughts on a product…

I’ve just realized that fear has been something that I’ve let hold me back from doing what I want to do. It isn’t anything groundbreaking, but by putting myself and my blog out there, I am conquering that fear, and not allowing it to control a part of my life. I hope this can be a lesson to anyone reading this. Don’t let fear hold you back. Take a chance on whatever you have been putting off. The worst that could happen is that you fail, which is honestly just another learning experience and another opportunity for you to get back out there and approach the situation in a different way. My sister once told me that negative situations in life are lessons, and if we take those lessons and learn from them, then it wasn’t time wasted. And it’s true!

I’m sure any of you have noticed that I am the most active I have ever been. I’ve made a post schedule that I’ve been trying to stick to for the month of March and it has worked so well that I think I’m going to keep at it! At first I was apprehensive about sticking to a schedule because I wanted my whole blogging process to be as organic as possible, and only posting when I had a good idea. But I found that without the structure of a post schedule, I wouldn’t post as often. I also thought that having a post schedule would ruin the quality of my posts, but I’ve proven myself wrong. I’m forcing myself to use my imagination and push myself to my creative limits more than I ever have before, and I’ve been overflowing with ideas. And with a schedule, I make sure that those ideas are all written out and posted in a timely manner. (But if I feel that what I’m going to post is nOt quality enough, I may break the post schedule).

If you’ve made it this far, then I challenge you to think of one aspect of your life that scares you, or a situation where you’ve held yourself back because of fear or what other people might think. Now think of one thing (or more if you feel like being adventurous) that you can do to help overcome that doubt or fear, even just by a little bit. And commit yourself to doing that thing everyday, or as frequently as you need, until that fear and doubt no longer resides in you. By doing just one small thing constantly, I promise you that you will see a difference, and you will wonder why that initial fear was even there in the first place. It’s all about perspective!

💖, B

PS: I also want to extend my thanks and gratitude to the people (in real life and online) who genuinely enjoy reading my blog and who take the time to tell me or someone I know that you enjoy it. It really makes me so happy inside to know that I’m not doing this for nothing!


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