Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick | Review

Hey yall! I’m back with another review for Wet N Wild week. This time, it’s their new liquid lipstick, the Liquid Catsuit! Read on to see my thoughts, and let me know how well you liked it if you’ve tried this out before 🙂

đź’–, B


The first thing I noticed was that the packaging looks pretty much identical Jeffree Star’s Velour liquid lipsticks. I’ve never actually tried any Jeffree Star products so I can’t really tell you guys if these are dupes for it, but if we’re going off just the packaging alone, then yes. Definite dupes.


I got two colours, Give Me Mocha, a browinish pink and Video Vixen, a deep berry shade. I wore Give Me Mocha all day for this review. To apply, I first lined my lips and then applied the lipstick. I don’t know if you could call the applicator a doe foot, because while it is technically a doe foot, there is an indent in the middle, making it more J shaped. I actually like this because I found that it fit the shape of my lips perfectly! The lipstick is quite pigmented, and I found with Give Me Mocha,  you only need to go over your lips once for full coverage.



When I applied Video Vixen for the swatch and on my lips, I found it was quite patchy. On the lips, the more you go over it to fix the patches, the more it will streak. It dried unevenly on my lips. But I think this may be because it’s a darker shade. In general, I’ve just found that it can be hard to get an even application with darker shades of liquid lipsticks.

I’ve read a couple reviews, and it seemed that the most common thing that a lot of people didn’t like about these lipsticks was that they were extremely drying. Not surprising of a matte liquid lipstick, but I didn’t find that to be true when I tried them. They weren’t hydrating, but I didn’t find them to suck all traces of moisture from my lips. (However if you do have dry patches, it will still cling to them). In fact, I applied lip chap before I put the lipstick on and I found that it didn’t affect the staying power of them. Usually if you apply any form of moisture to your lips before applying a liquid lipstick, you end up affecting the formula, whether that’s the staying power of longevity of the lipstick. That wasn’t the case for this. It stayed on perfectly! With some liquid lipsticks, as time goes on, you feel as if your lips are crusty and hard (just overall uncomfortable), but with this, it didn’t feel like you had anything on your lips. Very comfortable.

In terms of staying power, I found these to be 100% kiss proof and transfer proof. I ate with the lipstick on, and didn’t find that I needed to reapply. Then again, I wasn’t eating crazy greasy food, which will probably impact the staying power of the lipstick.


from @everydaymakeupblog

There are 13 colours to choose from in this range. This is where I was the least impressed. Personally, I don’t think there’s a lot of variation in the shades. Most of them are pink or variations of pink, with the exceptions of the two vampy shades, one orange shade and one extremely light nude colour. I’m not the biggest fan of pink lipsticks, so to come across an amazing drugstore liquid lipstick with mostly pink shades was quite disappointing. I don’t think there is an “everyday” colour in the range for me (Give Me Mocha is the closest thing to an everyday colour for me, but even then, I think it’s a bit too pink for my liking).

While I most likely won’t be buying anymore of these bad boys (unless Wet N Wild releases more shades), I really like these liquid lipsticks. They exceeded my expectations of a drugstore liquid lipstick! I think I actually prefer the formula of the Liquid Catsuit to the formula of Colourpop’s Ultra Matte lipsticks. They are affordable, hella pigmented, stay on all day and are long wearing!


P.S. I just really enjoy adding this stamp of approval to everything, it makes me feel official LOL

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