Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder | Review

I have been waiting for these highlighters to be released in Canada for literally nine months. They have finally arrived and I managed to get my hands on one rather quickly, for a product that has been hyped up for a while now! It seemed like Wet N Wild just dumped a bunch of new products on me, and while I also wanted to buy their other new products, ya girl is saving for her trip to Mexico, so I held back and just bought the highlighter (and a liquid lipstick, which will be posted about on Friday). Read on if you want to see how well I liked it!

💖, B



The shade I purchased is Crown of My Canopy, which is a darker pink/rose gold colour. I originally wanted Precious Petals, which is more gold, but it was sold out at the Walmart I went to. This was $6.67CAD.

The one thing I immediately liked about the product was the fact that you couldn’t see chunks of glitter. Or any glitter for that matter. The highlighter was seamlessly blended and looked as if it could be a pressed pigment. This is always a good thing to me because you know that the glow is coming from the product itself, rather than glitter that was just added to the formula. I could see this being used as an eyeshadow as well, just use a wet brush and you will have high impact colour on your lids.


I applied it how I normally apply my highlight (with a fan brush), and I found that it applied a bit sheer. If you like the look of a natural “glowing from within” look, you could stop here. I had minimal makeup on the first day that I tried this, so I didn’t put too much on and I loved how this highlight made my skin look so healthy and dewy. My skin tone is deeper, and I found that this colour complimented my skin perfectly. The pink tones seemed to blend into my skin, making my highlight look pretty natural, even when layered for a more intense glow.

A lot of reviews I’ve read said that you could get a blinding highlight from these powders, but that’s iffy for me. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely layer this to get a blinding glow. But with this colour in particular, the more you layer it, the more pink it becomes, which I don’t necessarily like. I think if you got the other colour Precious Petals, which is more gold like I mentioned, layering it and getting a blinding glow is achievable.

Other than that, this highlighter lasted all day on top of my foundation and wore beautifully. The only highlighter I’ve ever really used is Champagne Pop, and I would say that the MegaGlo highlighting powder is definitely on par with Becca. It does everything I would expect out of a highlighter, and at a fraction of the cost!


Overall, I give the Wet N Wild MegaGlo powder my stamp of approval! I would definitely repurchase this again and I would encourage everyone to buy this highlighter first before they step foot into Sephora. It is very affordable, yet performs at high quality standards. I would really like to get my hands on Precious Petals because I think that I would probably get more use out of that one, but that doesn’t change how much I like this product.



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