My Foundation Free Week

My skin is something that I have always been pretty self-conscious about. It isn’t terrible, but I think that the years of bad, painful breakouts when I was younger have scarred me into covering it up behind makeup (Don’t get this confused though! I wear makeup because I like it, not because I am insecure about my skin. They just happened to compliment each other!)

As far as my face goes, most of the time I wear foundation, and if I’m not wearing foundation I usually have on a bit of concealer for my dark circles and little spots. This week I really wanted to challenge myself to go foundation free. I’ve been trying to inch out of my comfort zone little by little, and the thought of being in public places without foundation intimidated me.

Not wearing foundation also meant that I wasn’t contouring or highlighting my face, which scared me even more because I live for highlighting and I never skip contour because I think my face is pretty round.

Surprisingly, I loved being bare faced this entire week. Not having to put on foundation saves me so much time in the morning and that time can be used towards sleeping in a bit longer or having more time to eat breakfast, which is something I never seem to have time for. And at the end of the night, I don’t have to spend that extra couple of minutes taking off my foundation. I even get satisfaction just from knowing that I can hug someone, or lay on my pillow, and not have to worry about getting my face everywhere. Also, being able to scratch my face like a normal person was amazing! I didn’t have to worry about foundation getting under my nails LOL.

Being foundation free was no problem at school. Let’s be honest, in university, everyone is worried about themselves and no one pays any mind to whether or not you have a pimple or a couple scars on your face. Plus I’m not in school for very long, so my social interactions and number of people I wold come across would be very minimal.

Hanging out with friends and family with no foundation was extremely easy as well. They have seen me with zero makeup on my face on multiple occasions, so it was something I didn’t even think about. To be honest, I don’t even think anyone noticed that I haven’t been wearing foundation.

The biggest challenge for me was not wearing foundation at work. When I go to work, I always beat my face (probably to make up for my lack of style or fashion sense). I felt like since everyone was used to what I looked like with a full face of makeup on, they would instantly notice that my face was missing something. I felt like I would be able to feel their stares, analyzing my bare face.

The main thing I have learned this week is that all these years, I have probably just talked myself into believing that everyone will notice my skin imperfections. There’s nothing wrong with being insecure about my skin, but this week has made me realize that I really don’t have anything to be insecure about. My insecurity led me to always fear being looked at differently because of the state of my skin. But this entire week, nobody treated me differently, no one stared and analyzed, no one pointed anything out. I have been extremely anxious over the state of my skin for nothing, really. As the days progressed, I forgot that I was even bare faced.
I’m probably never going to stop wearing foundation. Like I said, I genuinely enjoy applying makeup. But I feel good knowing that I have overcome something that has been a big cause of insecurities and anxiety over the years. I also see this week as me proving to myself that I don’t need to fear change. I should embrace it. Making a small change in my life has left me feeling empowered. I feel ready to take on the other parts of my life where I have let fear and anxiety hold me back from experiencing and trying new and different things. I hope you will take this as a lesson or inspiration for you to do try something that scares you. And I hope that you succeed!

💖, B


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