Something that I think has been an issue for me for pretty much all my life is my weight… Or lack of.

It makes me extremely uncomfortable being constantly told how skinny I am, being told that I should eat more, being told that I’m lucky I’m so small, “why do you want to gain more weight?!” and being physically grabbed and touched so that my size or my wrists can be compared to those of someone else’s. Going through this has just made me hyperaware of how small I am.

And I bet there are people who might be reading this rolling their eyes because I’m skinny. Trust me, I am aware that some people have to try very hard to lose weight. I am also very aware that based on society’s standards, my body is somewhat ideal because I am not overweight. But the thing is, this is an issue that has went from making me feel uncomfortable, to now being something that has manifested into an insecurity of mine. Like I said, I am well aware of society’s standards, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to invalidate my feelings. Just because I am skinny, doesn’t mean that my feelings can be looked over, since it “isn’t really a problem.”


I’m not trying to bring all attention to me. I just want people to become more aware of the things they say to people. I’m saying that some opinions need to be kept to themselves. If someone is reacting uncomfortably to your remarks, drop the subject. If someone doesn’t want to discuss something about their own body, stop making the problem worse and respect them. If you feel like making a comment about someone’s body or appearance that they cannot change in ten seconds or less, then don’t make the comment. 100% of the time, people are aware of their weight or their acne or how short or tall they are and they don’t need people constantly pointing it out. Please just stop and think about whether or not what you are saying is something that will positively impact the person. Even the way you phrase your words and the tones you use can make something intended to be positive, come out as an insult on the receiving end…

💖, B

What did you think?

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