How I Save Money On Makeup

The world would be an amazing place if we had access to all the makeup our hearts desired, without breaking the bank. While I’m sure this is a reality for some people, if you are on a tight budget like me, or you just like saving money (also like me) then you need to learn how to be smart with the way you buy makeup.

One thing I did (that some of you may remember me talking about near the end of last year) was that I went on a “No Buy” streak for about a month and a half. I didn’t buy any new makeup, unless I ran out of something and needed it. I think that this really made me aware of how much I was spending on makeup alone, which in turn has made helped increase my willpower to not buy makeup on impulse, or at least wait until I can get a good deal on something. This is what I would normally suggest to people who want to save money, but it is definitely something that is easier said than done.

Therefore, I bring to you my tips on how to save money on makeup! I separated the categories into higher end makeup stores and drugstores, because I know that some people will only shop at either or. But as always, feel free to read through it all!


High End Makeup Stores

It can be pretty hard to save money at higher end makeup stores, because it is quite rare that they will have sales. But don’t be discouraged!

  • When shopping at Sephora, it’s always a good idea to try samples of products you have your eyes on before actually buying it. This way, you have time to test it out and see if it’s worth the investment.


  • Join any membership the store might have. With Sephora in particular, anyone who is part of Beauty Insider usually has access to special sales at certain times in the year. They also get the first peek at new products that come in, which can help you budget your money!
  • When it comes to ordering online, I like to ask my friends if they want to place an order with me. Ordering with a group of people can help you split the cost of shipping or even qualify for free shipping if you need to spend a ridiculous amount of money beforehand. It can also help you qualify for any promos where you can get a certain percentage off your order when you spend a certain amount of money.


  • Different drugstores usually sell the same products, but at different prices. Familiarize yourself with the price ranges of the products you use at every drugstore. As a general observation, I find that my local Wal Mart always has lower prices than places such as Superstore, London Drugs and Shoppers, so that is where I usually buy the majority of my makeup. Wal Mart frequently has rollbacks, so this is the perfect time to shop there.


  • Do you ever go to the drugstore and find that everything has been picked over, with barely anything left? Another thing I do is to try and figure out when drugstores receive their shipments. As I’ve said, most of the drugstore makeup I use is bought from Wal Mart, and I know that the one by my house always gets a new shipment of products on Mondays. You can usually tell because you will see staff restocking the shelves. Or you could always just ask someone who works there and I’m sure they would tell you. By getting your hands on products first, it saves you from having to either a) resort to spending more money on a different product b) spending less money on a cheaper alternative, and ending up hating it, or c) having to wait longer for it to come back in stock.

Multipacks help you save time and money!

  • I try to buy products in multipacks as much as possible. This just saves me from making more trips to the drugstore, and you usually pay a lower price for a multipack than you would buying an individual product multiple times. Some products that I buy in bulk are eyelashes (they usually come in a pack of five for about $13), the Real Techniques complexion sponge at 2 for $13 (I know that they are also sold in a four pack for $25) and cotton rounds! Joe Fresh sells them in a pack of three for $5!

These small changes to your spending habits may not seem to make a difference in the present, but overtime, the amount of money you save does add up. Just think, the more money you save now means that you can buy more makeup in the future! Do you guys have any other money saving tips? Let me know, you know ya girl is all about saving money!

💖, B

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