Oils: A SERIOUS Gamechanger

As someone who has oily skin and hair, a year ago you would never catch me incorporating oil into my beauty routine. If I’m already oily, why would I add more oil to my body! But wow I was wrong. I want to share with you guys my experience with various oils and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two!

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I used to be a makeup remover wipe junkie. Not by choice, but because makeup remover wipes were all I knew, so I wanted to try as many wipes as I could to find the best one (Pond’s Exfoliating Wipes are my favourite btw). I tried cleansing oil for fun, and ever since then, I SWEAR by it.

First of all, you are massaging the oil into your skin, which feels amazing in comparison to the harsh rubbing you tend to do when you use a makeup wipe. After a long day, giving your face a nice a nice massage while removing your makeup is a treat. Removing my makeup has become just as nice as putting it on. Also, the oil melts away your makeup. I never have a problem with residual makeup anymore. It gets rid of every trace of makeup on your face – even waterproof mascara, which is probably the most difficult thing to remove in my opinion. Plus, I find that many cleansing oils are fortified with other ingredients that prevent your skin from being irritated and keep your skin nourished and hydrated. Something that many wipes claim to do, yet never really live up to it. And lastly, I’ve learned that oil attracts oil. So by using a cleansing oil to remove your makeup, you’re also helping pull oil out of your pores.

I’ve also embraced oils for my hair. So a little background info… I used to wash my hair everyday. If I didn’t, my hair would get really oily the next day. Little did I know that over-washing my hair was counterproductive. By stripping my hair of it’s natural oils everyday, my body was producing more oil to compensate. I had to “train” my hair, which pretty much just consisted of me washing my hair every other day instead of everyday. Then I slowly transitioned from every other day to every 3 or 4 days (don’t get me wrong though, I still shower everyday, I just don’t wash my hair everyday). Also at this point, dry shampoo and hats had become my best friends. But! Now I can go at least 2 days without washing my hair and not need dry shampoo. I also think that doing this made my hair look so much healthier and shinier, plus I think that it’s been growing faster. That may not actually be a scientific reason but I think it’s a factor.

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One of my favourite oils to put in my hair is OGX Beauty’s Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco. I love argan oil for my hair and skin and this one is great because it smells nice and always leaves my hair so soft. When you have long hair, any damage you have becomes more evident, and adding an oil like this helps to reduce the look of damage and minimize any future damage. I’ll put it in my hair before and after I straighten it, and after I wash my hair (or before I go to bed if it’s a day where I don’t wash my hair). The bottle looks pretty small, but I only use a small amount, so it lasts such a long time.

Another good alternative is coconut oil. On a day where I’m completely free, I like to do coconut oil hair masks. Just coat your hair in coconut oil, put it up in a bun and let it sit for the whole day. After you wash it out, your hair will feel amazing You can buy big tubs of it that will last you forever, and it’s multipurpose, so you get a lot of value for your money.

Keep in mind that my skin and hair type are still oily. Adding oil doesn’t change that, but it does help keep my oil levels at a bearable level. I don’t find myself to be excessively oily anymore which is such a good thing for me. Currently I’m on the hunt for moisturizing oils for my face, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Do you have any game changing products I should know about?

💖, B



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