The 1975 Concert

The 1975 is my favourite band and I was lucky enough to watch them live (for the second time!!!) on Sunday. They released a new album (well it’s not really new at this point) and I was really happy that they went on tour and came to my city to perform those songs. This one was a bit different from the last time they came here because the venue was muuuch larger and there were so many more people.


I was a hardcore fangirl at one point, obsessed with being at the front of the crowd and meeting the band and taking videos of the entire concert, but I think I’ve outgrown that. To be honest, it was really nice just singing along and actually experiencing the concert with my friends instead of worrying about all those things I mentioned. I also only took videos of snippets of my favourite songs instead of watching the whole concert through my phone (I also never watch the videos I take anyways, so it would be a waste). We got a nice spot near the back where we could still get a good view of everything because we didn’t want to get bodied in the middle of the crowd LOL. Also when you’re in the crowd, it’s definitely hard to see over the heads and masses, especially if you’re kinda short like me.

What I really enjoyed about the concert (besides the actual concert itself) was their use of lights and graphics. There was a different background for each song and the background fit the feeling of the song perfectly. It was sooo aesthetically pleasing. I tried to get a picture of all the backgrounds but I was just caught up in the moment so I only got a picture of some of them. I also just really love concerts. I love everything about them. I literally forgot about everything that was stressing me out and I had so much fun. Wah. I’m gonna feel post concert depression hard for this one. If you haven’t listened to The 1975, then I definitely recommend you to take a listen. Their music is very like… poppy/synth? Idk I can’t describe genres very well… Clearly… But they’re really good! They have a lot of fast paced upbeat cool songs and more solemn, kinda sad, songs that make me feel all types of ways. Their music may not be for everyone but I feel like you will like at least one song. Maybe that’s just me being biased though.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend! And if you didn’t, just remember there’s always tomorrow hehe.

💖, B


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