Do you ever look at old pictures of yourself and think WHY. Why did I think that was cute!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me I looked like that!! W H Y. LOL this is what I think every time I look at old pictures of myself when I just started out with makeup. Or anytime I look at any pictures of myself from ages 14 – 17. But I can also laugh at myself and be thankful that I don’t make the same mistakes. I found some old pictures of me, so you all can laugh with me haha.


This was the very first time I ever wore makeup. I was 14 and borrowed my sister’s liquid eyeliner and mascara and I thought I looked SO. BOMB. so I took this picture before I went to school LOL. (ignore the writing and stuff on the picture, I couldn’t find the original haha)


I then moved on to powder foundation. I didn’t have a job at this time, so I would use my sister’s makeup and she was maybe 2 or 3 shades lighter than me. So I went a couple months wearing foundation that was WAAY too light for me, but no one bothered to tell me that it wasn’t my colour! Until one day my mom told me I looked sick, then I stopped wearing it.


I was also really into coloured contacts in high school. But not the natural looking coloured contacts, the crazy, unnaturally bright coloured circle lenses that you could only get online at the time (hella sketch but I was young and just wanted different coloured eyes haha)


See what I mean by unnatural LOL


Yall when I discovered fake eyelashes it was done. I think I was 15 when I first started wearing them? I LOOOVED fake eyelashes. I wore the same style of lashes every single day for at least a year, and it wasn’t a natural looking Demi Wispie typa lash. It was those super thick, super long, super voluminous lashes that are way too dramatic for every day use.


Look at those lashes! How did I wear those everyday! Also wow I wish my skin was still this nice


I think the first time I ever got my eyebrows done was when I was 15 and the woman who did them always did them SUUPER thin, but since I’ve never had my brows done before I thought it was normal. So here’s me thinking I’m rocking the thin brow, un-winged liner look. Hahahah oh god.


Another thin brow moment. You go girl. LOL.


I’m a little bit older here and stopped getting my eyebrows done, so they kinda lost their shape. Also stopped with the heavy lashes and coloured contacts. But what I wanna focus on here my my eyeliner. Can someone please tell me why my eyeliner was SO. THICK. Like why is the eyeliner covering my ENTIRE EYELID. Ahhh. I used to love this picture of myself back then haha but now that I look at it, I’m just distracted by the black blob on my eye.


Another prime example of thick eyeliner. Also what shape was I trying to achieve?????


I also never really had long hair in high school. My go to haircut was always side swept bangs and a bob cut.. Completely different from what my hair is like now


Like looking at this picture makes me feel naked! Where is all my hair!!!! (Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t regret keeping my hair short back then. I think it suited me. A cute hairstyle for a cute girl LOL)


Okay last one. This is not me in high school. This was me two years ago. WHAT. ARE. THOSE. BROWS. I question why I ever used this as a FB profile pic because all I can focus on is that eyebrow sliding off my face. I also used to fill my brows in with black eyebrow pencil which explains why my brows were so harsh in this pic. BUT I want to use this picture to show you guys that a lot can change in two years. If you keep practising and keep learning techniques, your skills will definitely improve!

I hope yall enjoyed all these old photos of me. I guess the cool thing about not knowing how to do makeup when you’re younger is that you can always look back and see the points that you’ve improved on. Like I wouldn’t consider myself extremely skilled at makeup, but I know that I have seriously stepped up my game in the past couple years. You gotta learn to laugh at yourself, right?

💖, B




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