Hey everyone. It’s been a while huh? Sorry about that. Just wanted to share some thoughts with you all, so I hope it doesn’t bum you out. I also hope that you’ll understand why I’ve been gone for so long (I’ll be back though.. eventually)

In the beginning of August, an unexpected death occurred on my mom’s side of the family. It was very hard for us to deal with and in that time, all I wanted to do was surround myself with my family and be there for everyone. Then near the end of August, I went on a trip to Texas which was soooo much fun (vlog coming soon lol) and was a nice relief for everyone. It was especially nice to see genuine smiles on everyones faces after such a tragic event. But then on our last day there, we found out that my uncle, my dad’s brother had a sudden heart attack, which led to his passing the next day. My uncle was such a great guy, he was so friendly, always helped other people and it was always just a fun time when he was around. I remember growing up and hearing stories about how back in the day he was so well known in our city and no one wanted to mess with him and I remember always being so mind-blown that he was once such a G because to me he was always such a soft, family oriented guy. I’m still in shock and disbelief that he’s gone to be honest with you… I just saw him last month when him and his family came to visit us and it just doesn’t seem real that he’s gone.

Anyways, the main point of this post was just a reminder to everyone, and to myself, about how short life is. I never would have thought that in the span of a month, I would lose two loved ones. But it only motivates me to love to my fullest extent, be genuine about my feelings for those I care about and to always let the people in my life know that they are loved and appreciated by showing and telling them. Life moves so fast, and we take for granted the normalcy and familiarity of our day to day lives. (I guess I shouldn’t generalize, but for me, I can say that I definitely take it for granted). I hold in my feelings because I have that mentality that they are just always going to be in my life, and that I can tell them I love them some other time. The truth is I don’t know that for sure, nobody does. I am surrounded by so many incredible people in my life and I would be devastated if someone were taken from me and I hadn’t gotten the chance to tell them how much they’ve impacted my life.

I hope you all know that you are loved and appreciated by so many people. And I hope you take time out of your day once in a while to let the people in your life know that as well. We gotta make the most out of this life while we can.

RIP Kuya Ken and Uncle Ernie, I’m glad you are free from the suffering you felt on this earth and I hope you’re both surrounded by angels. I love you guys and will miss you everyday and I hope you’re looking out from me from up there.

💖, B

Photo creds to my brother


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