August/September Favourites!

Since I didn’t post an August favourites, I’m just going to combine it with my September favourites post! Tbh this could also be called a Texas haul because most of the products I mentioned were bought when I went to Texas LOL. Hope yall enjoy!

I also realized I forgot to post my Texas vlog when I uploaded it to Youtube, so you can watch it below!

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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

My new go to spot treatment. This stuff is STRONG (it smells like straight up alcohol) but oh my goodness this is super effective. It works the best on those really ripe pimples. By ripe, I mean those pimples that are really red, somewhat large and have the white head on them. Yenno, the ones that look like they’re about to explode. To apply this, you take a qtip and dip it into the pink solution (don’t shake the bottle!!) and then put the pink stuff on your pimple. I was surprised by how much product actually gets onto the qtip, so when you use this for the first time, it’s really only necessary to dip the very tip of the qtip into the pink stuff. You can get this in a glass or plastic bottle, they’re the same price, but I got the glass one because it looks nicer.

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Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

I was hesitant about buying this because a toner has never been part of my skincare routine, but I’m so glad that I did. After using this, I noticed that the texture on my face has pretty much disappeared. I noticed the biggest difference on my chin, right under my bottom lip. I usually always get stubborn tiny spots there that just do not go away and literally after 2 uses, they COMPLETELY disappeared.  My skin always feels so smooth and supple and just healthy! Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that this is only sold in Target in North America, so my Canadian gals are out of luck, unless you order this online (which is what I’m gonna have to do when I run out of this because I don’t ever want to be without this toner LOL)

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NYX Lip Lingerie in Teddy

I had been wanting anything from the Lip Lingerie collection since NYX first announced it’s launch, but since I live in Canada, these are extremely hard to come by. The Lip Lingeries had been out for a while, but I never actually saw them in store until the end of August, around the time I left for Texas. Fortunately I found the shade I wanted in the first Ulta I went in. The formula is pretty moussey and dries to a comfortable matte finish. You do have to reapply once or twice throughout the day though, depending how long you wear it for. I seriously wanted to buy the entire collection because most of the colours in the collection look like my collection of everyday lipstick haha. Anyways, I love this colour because it’s a really pretty deep brown, but it isn’t extremely dark to the point where it would be too dramatic to wear on an everyday basis. I’m wearing it in the Texas vlog at around 1:35.

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Makeup Organizer

I have been looking for a makeup organizer for the longest time and I finally came across one that I love at Ross. It’s super simple and I love it because it saves so much space while still being able to hold a lot of items and all the products I use on an everyday basis can be organized easily and everything has it’s own place. I also just love the look of the clear acrylic. (It was a struggle and a half trying to fit this into my carry on to bring back home thought)

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NYX Pro Fan Brush

I’ve been wanting this brush for so long and I am so glad I finally bought it. I love this brush for applying my highlight. It is so dense and really packs on the product while still making it seem “natural” and seamless. Not to mention that this brush is SO SOFT and is such a dream to use. I just wish it had a brush protector like brushes from elf.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know some of your faves if you want and I’ll be sure to check them out. I have so many ideas of things I want to post but life is starting to get busier with school and everything, so here’s to hoping I can remain somewhat consistent hehe.

💖, B


Mini Sephora Haul and Review

Sephora recently had their Beauty Insider Appreciation Event and for me, since I just became a VIB this year, it meant that I get 3X the points. So I decided it was the perfect reason to buy a few things that I had been meaning to purchase anyways.

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Sephora Midnight Magic Face and Body Glitter Pot – Gold

So I originally got this intending to use it as a highlight (it was also on sale so why not), but I found that the glitter parts were a bit too large to use as a highlight alone. I wasn’t completely disappointed though because this is still such a beautiful product, so I used this under my highlight and it really makes it stand out even more. Yall know I’m extra, I gotta glow. If you’re one of those people who like to add a little shimmer to your shoulders or décolletage then this might be something you’d enjoy. But it’s fall now (which pretty much means it’s winter where I live) so I’ll have to wait another season to do any glittering of the body. It also has this little net that you dip the brush in, which prevents you from getting too much product onto the brush.

ABH Brush #12

So I needed a new eyebrow /spoolie brush because 1. My current eyebrow/spoolie brush is friggin small. It’s literally the length of my middle finger and kinda hard to work with… and 2. It’s falling apart. GURL. When I was doing my brows in Texas, the spoolie detached from the brush and was stuck to my eyebrow. It was wild. My cousins and sister couldn’t stop laughing. ANYWAYS. Ya I got this brush. I love how it came with the little protectors, so that the bristles aren’t just exposed. However I hate the spoolie. Like maybe it’ll grow on me but I feel like it just scrapes my skin in the process of blending out my brows. The brush itself is pretty good though. It’s made with synthetic fibres, so it’s perfect for a creme product like my Dipbrow. It’s also fairly small and mimics brow hairs perfectly which I really like.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

I was originally going to buy the All Nighter setting spray, but the De-Slick caught my eye because my skin gets oily and it’s meant for oily skin lol. I had read a lot of reviews because I was curious as to what people preferred; All Nighter or De-Slick. A lot of people said De-Slick didn’t do much for them, which kinda turned me off, but then the people who were writing the reviews either didn’t have oily skin (Like why would you even buy the product in the first place…?) or had extremely oily skin, and I’m in the happy middle, which is why I ended up going with this one. I bought the smaller version just as a precaution though, in case I ended up hating it. But I don’t hate it! I really do notice a difference in the oiliness of my skin when I use this – aka my skin isn’t as oily as it would be if I only used powder to set my makeup. When I initially used it, it didn’t feel like any spray was going on my face because the mist is sooo fine but I really like the fact that it’s that weightless.

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They also had a little promotion going on where if you spend $35 you can get a little sample bag. I like the design and size of the bag because it fits quite a few items. It isn’t extremely sturdy but I think it’s perfect for holding those “necessities” (yenno, lipstick, tampons, hand lotion that kinda stuff). Anyways, the sample bag came with the following things:

  • Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara in Excessive Black (I used it and forgot to include it in the picture because it’s sitting in my makeup drawer now LOL)
  • Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max brown
  • Estee Edit Mattified Lipstick in Killin It and Abt Last Night and Lip Flip shade transformer in Turn Up and Turn Down
  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black perfume
  • Dr Brandt microdermabrasion age defying skin exfoliator
  • Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring serum (specially formulated for asian women and also supposed to help reduce the appearance of a double chin. YESSSS)
  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion (it came with three different samples too. One for dry skin, one for dry combo skin and one for oily skin)

I also got the 3 free samples you always get when you order online at Sephora which I didnt picture. I got the Smashbox Iconic Photofinish Primer, Chloe Love Story perfume and Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream. So all in all I would say I got a really good amount of stuff for what I spent. I love free things!!  And I’m also so happy I love everything I bought. Now time to save money like I’m broke for the upcoming months #StrugglingStudentLife

💖, B



Do you ever notice how quick society is to put down someone who feels any remotely positive feelings about themselves? Or even on a smaller scale.. do you ever notice how people around you get shocked when you openly tell people that you love yourself? This is something I deal with constantly and maybe some of you can relate.

The people who know me personally know that I am pretty open with the fact that I think I’m fucking awesome. I really, truly, genuinely, COMPLETELY love myself. I recognize that I am not perfect, but I still love myself for who I am and I am not ashamed to admit when I need help and I’m not too prideful to admit that I am flawed. I recognize what I am good at and I give myself credit for it. And honestly, you should see the reactions on people’s faces when they find this out about me. People seemed almost… offended. Like self love is a taboo topic or something.

I get it. I know how hard it is to get to a point in your life where you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. I’ve been there. I’m sure a lot of people know how hard it is, and a lot of people understand how much effort it takes… Which is why I’m so confused. If we all understand how challenging it is to get to that comfortable spot in life, shouldn’t we celebrate those who are on their own path to self love? Shouldn’t we be happy for those who have fought numerous demons and can say that they still love themselves at the end of it? Btw, I’m not trying to put myself on a pedestal here, and I’m not trying to say that I’m better in any way because I love myself. I’m still on this journey to finding out who I am. I am not perfect and I still have to remind myself of that. I’m just saying that I’m tired of being put down by the same people who still have sooo much work to do on themselves. I hate being questioned by the same people who haven’t taken time to introspect and find out who they want to be or what they want to become. And even if they have, it feels as if they’re projecting their insecurities on me and it’s just not fair (although I get it, projecting is a defence mechanism. But still… Ugh.) Think about it. How many times have you called yourself “stupid” or “embarrassing” or talk down on yourself for not doing something right? How often do you call yourself degrading names and put yourself down? A lot of people engage in more negative self talk than positive self talk, and I think that’s why they project it on others.

One time I put “I love myself” in my Instagram bio just cause I wanted a little change, and this guy WOULD NOT stop questioning me about it. He even had the audacity to tell other people that this phrase was in my IG bio and he asked those around him if they thought it was stupid too. The fact that he needed validation from others to “prove” to me that my IG bio was stupid just made me so angry. YEAH. I love myself. Why does it bother you so much? Why do words on a social media platform impact your life THAT MUCH that you need to verbally put me down and feel the need to include other people too?

Even one time, I was having a conversation about quality of friendships and the point was brought up that “People who say they are good friends usually aren’t good friends…” There are times when I haven’t been the greatest friend of course. But in all the friendships I have now, I know that I make an effort to talk to my friends and ask how they’re doing. I try to see them regularly when our schedules match up. And all my friends know that I will ALWAYS listen to them when they really need me. Unless there’s something that they’re all not telling me then yeah. I’m a good friend and I take pride in that. Your personal experiences with bad friendships aren’t universal and not everyone is the same.

And the one that bugs me the most. When people think I’m conceited because I recognize the fact that I find myself attractive. I get where they’re coming from, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with thinking I look good. I put effort into myself because I love the way I feel when I look good. That’s it. I do it for me. And it’s not like I’m putting anyone down in the process, so I don’t understand why it bugs people to the extent that it does. Like have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of “she’s pretty, and she knows she’s pretty, which makes her less pretty” as if a woman being self aware makes her less attractive… In a world where women are constantly scrutinized for not fitting into a certain stereotype, we need to CELEBRATE the fact that there are women out there who feel beautiful in their own skin, regardless of what they look like!!!

This post is kind of all over the place, but what I want you all to know is that you should never apologize for being confident or for loving yourself. You know you. Own your confidence, keep loving yourself and don’t let people tell you otherwise. And rather than fighting back with angry words, kill them with kindness (ugh I’m sorry, I hate that quote, but it seemed fitting). When your character is tested, learn to rise up above that and give love back rather than hostility (which is something I’m still working on tbh) And once again, I don’t want this to come across as nasty or degrading or anything like that. My intention isn’t to make me seem superior than anyone who’s ever questioned me in my life or anyone in general. I just want to raise awareness to the fact that we’ve been so used to putting ourselves down that we project it on others. We’re like crabs (or is it lobsters?) in a tank, who pull others down when they try to rise up and escape the tank (I really hope you guys have heard of that before because if not this may not make sense to you haha) In reality we all just want to be happy with ourselves and like who we are. Instead of putting others down, or questioning how they see themselves, we should all be building each other up. Self love and confidence is something I am SOO passionate about. I love to talk about it with others and I love just increasing people’s awareness about the topic, so hopefully I gave you a teeeny tiny bit of insight. Just some things to think about. Hope you all have a good night!

💖, B


Do you ever look at old pictures of yourself and think WHY. Why did I think that was cute!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me I looked like that!! W H Y. LOL this is what I think every time I look at old pictures of myself when I just started out with makeup. Or anytime I look at any pictures of myself from ages 14 – 17. But I can also laugh at myself and be thankful that I don’t make the same mistakes. I found some old pictures of me, so you all can laugh with me haha.

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Products I Regret Buying

So far, my blog has been about products I love and products I think everyone should own. But today I’m gonna talk about products I regret buying. Spread the awareness yall! I think my main message from this post is to ALWAYS read reviews before purchasing any beauty products, and use your discretion when buying it. If I had read the reviews about these products before I bought them, then I never would have bought them in the first place because these all had pretty bad reviews. But learn from my mistakes!

*DISCLAIMER: These are products that haven’t worked for me and products I really don’t like. If these have worked for you, then awesome. Not trying to put anyone down in anyway for liking something that I don’t like haha.

Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive

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This product is the reason why I will never sacrifice quality for price EVER again. I’ve mostly used DUO or Revlon lash glue, but the day I bought this, I decided I’d rather pay $3 instead of $7. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF LIFE. First of all, this glue dries SO. FAST. So if you don’t apply the lash as soon as you apply the glue, you’re gonna find yourself having to re-apply glue. Also the glue doesn’t dry tacky, it dries crusty and hard. So it is so painful taking this off your eyelid at the end of the night, and I’ve ruined the band of a pair of lashes trying to remove the glue. Nor to mention that if you get this in your eye it BURNS. Literally burns. It feels like you have literal acid in your eye, which makes your eye tear up, and this glue isn’t waterproof, so it ruins the stickiness and you gotta go through the process of reapplying again. Ugh. I’ll keep this just in case I ever run out of glue but I will NOT be reaching for this ever.

Rimmel London Wonder’Lash Waterproof

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I love anything with Argan oil in it, which is why I was compelled to buy this mascara. But then when I used it, I was extremely disappointed. By extremely disappointed I mean that this is the worst mascara I’ve ever used lol. It didn’t do anything for my lashes. It didn’t lengthen or define them. Even when I curled my lashes, it would make them droop. Real talk the only thing this did for me was maybe darken my lashes (I mean they’re already black so how much darker can they get…) and left me looking like a raccoon throughout the day. I don’t know why Rimmel hasn’t just discontinued this already…

Essence How To Make Nude Eyes makeup box

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I’ve written a MOTDs that feature this eyeshadow palette, but now that I think of it, I really do regret buying this palette. The shadows are not very pigmented and of the six shades you get, all of them are shimmery and are very close in colour. This is not to get confused though because I think other people may really like this palette, especially someone just starting out, but I think I would’ve benefitted more if I used the money spent on this palette on something else.

My Favorite Night Balm

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This is from Bath and Body Works and their Co Bigelow Apothecaries line. You are supposed to apply this before you sleep for “intense overnight moisturization”. While it did provide some moisturization, I wouldn’t say it was intense. I prefer using Vaseline on my lips before bed, and that’s what I’ll be sticking to and spending my money on from now on.

I hope this was a bit helpful for you guys. If you’re ever on the look out for new things to by, now you know a few products to avoid. Let me know if you have any products that you regret buying and I will definitely read reviews and maybe avoid them myself. Have a good night!

💖, B

Revive your dried out Dipbrow!

I’m sure if you’ve ever used the ABH Dipbrow Pomade (or any cream product that comes in a little pot), you know how frustrating it is when it dries out before you’ve used it all up. Rather than throwing the product away, you can always give life back to it by doing this little hack. It’s relatively inexpensive, takes less than 5 minutes to do and should work with most potted products. Keep in mind that if the product you started out with is already EXTREMELY dry (ex. the product is shrivelled and cracked to start with) then do yourself a favour and just ignore this hack and buy a new product as this will not help you.


All you need is the dried out product (obvs), contact solution or eye drops and something to mix with. I just used a qtip and pulled off the cotton from one side. I wear contact lenses so I always have a huge bottle of contact solution handy, but if you don’t you can always buy a travel sized contact solution, or those really small bottles of eyedrops that cost ~$2-$3.


Basically all you’re going to do is add 1 – 2 drops of the solution into the product and incorporate it into the product. It’s very important to remember that you can always add solution, but you can’t remove it once it’s mixed in. Start with 1 – 2 drops, no matter how dry your product may be, and only add more if you feel like you need it after you’ve mixed it all together. If I need to add more, which I did in this case, I added in increments of 1 drop. If you add too much, you’re going to end up with a really greasy and liquidy mess. Speaking from experience here. Use your judgement to when you think you can stop adding drops.


As you can see, after you’ve finished mixing, the product looks unappealing and unusable. With clean fingers and the end of the qtip that still has cotton on it, flatten the product to your liking. The qtip will help absorb any excess solution that makes it’s way to the top of the product. Also make sure to seal the edges and any cracks that appear after you’ve flattened the product. This will prevent any air getting in and drying the product out faster.

Flattened and ready to use!

Hope this helps anyone out! I’ve heard that storing the product upside down prevents it from drying out so fast. This could be a myth, but I do it anyways so I figured I’d still pass on the knowledge haha.

💖, B

Hey everyone. It’s been a while huh? Sorry about that. Just wanted to share some thoughts with you all, so I hope it doesn’t bum you out. I also hope that you’ll understand why I’ve been gone for so long (I’ll be back though.. eventually)

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