Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

One day, as I was getting ready, I decided I wanted to try a different colour of lipstick. So I opened my makeup drawer and realized I don’t have much variety when it comes to my lipstick collection. With the exception of my everyday lipstick (Teddy Bare by Milani), the only other colours of lipstick I own are shades of bright and dark red and I took that as a sign that I should probably go buy more lipstick (any excuse to buy makeup is a good excuse for me LOL). I’m usually the kind of person who frequents the drugstore for makeup, but I just finished school and I did really well this semester so I decided to treat myself and go to Sephora. I’m on the website pretty much everyday anyways, so the Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lipstick was already on my radar.

I’m not gonna lie, the first thing that caught my eye were the names of the lipsticks. I seriously told all my friends that I needed this entire collection because I swear every single shade name related to me in one way or another . Okay well not every single shade name, but I made them relate to me somehow. Queen B though?! That’s me! I need that in my life, just for the name alone ugh. I’m so extra, I apologize. Let me get to the actual review LOL. (PS scroll down to see a full list of colours and names!)



  • $25 CAD
  • 16 shades
  • 7mL / 0.23 fl. oz.
  • On the Sephora website, most of the shades are sold out so your best bet is to go in stores, I found that there was more selection that way


  • Rich, full, kissable color that doesn’t shrivel or crack
  • Gives your lips a plumping, smoothing effect
  • Light weight and long wearing formula



A cool girl wearing Cool Girl *picture taken with flash on*

The shade I picked up was Cool Girl. It was the last one too! I was kind of nervous because I thought the colour was gonna look too light on me, but it’s a really nice slightly brownish pink nude. If you’re lighter/fair skinned, it will show up more brown than nude. The woman who was helping me had pale-ish skin and was wearing Cool Girl and it almost looked like a completely different colour. I think that’s the beauty of makeup though, how the same product can look different on different people. There are 16 beeauutifulll shades that range from nudes to deep and dark purples and blues, so I think it’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone.

FIRST OF ALL. For a matte lipstick, this is surprisingly pretty moisturizing and I think that’s one of the reasons why I like it so much. Don’t get me wrong though, when I say moisturizing, I mean that it doesn’t take away any moisture that’s already present on your lips, and you won’t have crusty lips at the end of the day. (If you have dry lips, it will still accentuate that, so don’t use it thinking that it will alleviate some of the dryness. Exfoliate yall!) When you press your lips together, it feels like you’re wearing a normal non-matte lipstick.



My lips after I got home. The colour is a little bit faded but is still holding on.

This also wears amazingly!!! I find that you really don’t need to use a lip liner with this because it doesn’t bleed and if you don’t plan on eating really heavy or greasy food, the colour will still be on your lips after your meal. In terms of transfer, it’s pretty much kiss proof. There’s minimal transfer on skin, so if any of yall have a special someone in your life who hates when your lipstick leaves traces of itself on their cheek, they will probably love this, just as much as you will when you buy it after you read my review, right? Jk. I wore the lipstick for about 10 hours, without reapplying or using a liner. I put it on in the morning and wore it the whole day to work and while I was out doing some errands. It stayed on pretty well, so I would say that the claim about the formula being lightweight and long wearing is definitely true.

In terms of the “plumping and smoothing” effect, I didn’t really notice a difference in the plumpness of my lips, and as you can see in the first picture, the little lines on my lips are pretty visible. But that isn’t a big deal for me, I’m not out here tryna get that Kylie Jenner look. The smell was kind of off putting for me, but it is something extremely minimal that doesn’t affect how I feel about the product. To be honest, you won’t really smell anything unless you put it up to your nose and sniff it, but I’m weird and I always smell my lipstick before I put it on. Why I just admitted that, I don’t really know. I should also add that I love that the doe foot applicator on this isn’t attached to the actual product, like the other Melted lipsticks that Too Faced has. I think it makes application so much easier because the doe foot is so much more precise than the typical sponge applicator on Melted lipsticks. I guess it’s all personal preference though.

Anyways, all in all I really love this! I already have my eyes on a few other shades that I plan on picking up whenever I can afford too (ya girl also bought Champagne Pop at my trip to Sephora, so I gotta hold off on buying more high end makeup haha). If you have the funds to pick up one of these for yourself, then I encourage you to TREAT YOSELF!! If you’ve never used a matte liquid lipstick before, I think this would be a really good product to take away your liquid lipstick virginity. However, it will definitely set the bar high for any other liquid lipsticks you’ll try. And if you’re already experienced with liquid lipstick, I think this would make a really good (and really cute) addition to your collection.


R-L: Miso Pretty, Child Star, Cool Girl, Queen B, Sell Out, Feelin Myself, Mrs Roper, 1998, It’s Happening, Bend and Snap!, Lady Balls, Drop Dead Red, Evil Twin, Unicorn, Who’s Zoomin Who, Naughty By Nature

Thanks for taking the time out to read this! If you decide to go out and buy one (or two.. or all) of these, I really hope you love it as much as I do. And if you don’t… Sephora has a really good return policy hehe.

💖, B



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